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    Why wasn't this clan included in canon. They have been in my top two favs since the beginning.

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      Originally posted by Shenron View Post
      Why wasn't this clan included in canon. They have been in my top two favs since the beginning.
      Well, I hope this fan version of them has worked out for you in your home games then (or one of the variants out there of course).

      As it pertains to this one, I needed a small break in some of my other work here for a little bit and put some time into getting Koldunism a little further along now for a V5 implementation. I finally settled on slotting it in with Blood Sorcery rather than Oblivion (despite the spirit based focus of Oblivion being somewhat better suited to the concept of Koldunism, the Blood Sorcery tie also plays nicely into the hatred that exists between Tremere and Tzimisce - I might still waffle on this some though, so we'll see in the end). Some of the lore out there denotes that Koldunism and Thaumaturgy are actually incompatible, but there is also some notes that a few Koldun have recently replicated some of the Tremere magics which sort of alludes to a possible connection. I guess it just needs to be tested out in practice some, see how it all feels.

      For now I've worked out what is essentially a small power chain with one new Blood Sorcery Power for each Level 1-5. The choices I have made are to allow each primary Way to have a power represented in the chain (Spirit, Fire, Water, Air, Earth). The first power requires Animalism and Blood Sorcery to have (this helps explain at least a little why the Tremere don't really dabble in this since they would have to track down an Out-of-Clan Discipline, same with Banu Haqim). The subsequent ones will all require the first so there is that as well. I also lore noted how the Tzimisce aren't particularly keen on sharing their secrets either, and that this is very much a highly rare form of Blood Sorcery in the modern nights. System wise, the powers now all have proper V5 mechanics for them though, and are ready to go.

      Still need to get to Koldunic Rituals yet, I'm planning to slot in 3 per level at minimum. That said, 3 at each level only allows me to put in legitimate Koldunism Rituals, it would not really allow me to slot in any more powers from the Ways or Krania like was done with Blood Sorcery. Since that is the case there is a not 0 chance that I'll end up slotting in 4 per level just so I can port over a few more powers and give a more complete package for people to make use of.

      I did try to track down a V5 version of the Blood Sorcery symbol so I could add that to the sides of the pages with the content for that (like I did in the Vicissitude section to make it better match the style of the core books). Couldn't seem to actually find one - just the past versions of it which there are some minor changes too that I don't feel like doing by hand. So if anyone can find that and clue me in I'd love it.

      Well, hope folks are enjoying the content for their home games until we have something official (or if folks don't like what we officially do get they can use this in place of it)! Might be a bit before I get back to the Rituals, we'll just have to see how it goes. Oh, and if you'll be at GenCon be sure to track me down and say hey if you like.

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