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Brainstorming Character Concepts for Different Predator Types

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  • Brainstorming Character Concepts for Different Predator Types

    I've been trying to get a feel for the new Predator Types system, and came up with some sample character concepts for each. Are there any that don't seem to fit the type, or might fit better in another one? Anybody else have some interesting angles on the types?

    • Barroom Hero: You go to bars and act like an ass (or just be yourself...), picking fights with drunks. Then you "take it outside", and feed.
    • Bait: You make yourself look vulnerable and lost, and wander through dark alleys and dangerous neighborhoods. When a criminal attacks, you make the streets a little safer.
    • Kneebreaker: You work for a criminal cartel, busting heads and collecting debts.
    • Camp Follower: You follow a military unit around a warzone. Nobody notices a few more casualties.
    • Warden:You work nights as a prison guard. The inmates are easy prey, if you can get them alone. They know, of course, but who will believe them?
    • Ratched: You work nights as a nurse in a mental hospital. The patients are easy prey, if you can get them alone. They know, of course, but who will believe them?
    • Hunter: You used to hunt deer with your dad. Now, you hang out in the woods, picking off hikers and campers. Weirdly, the blaze-orange vest makes them less scared.
    • Jaws: You love the beach even more now that you don't need to breathe. You swim under the waves and bite the legs of late night swimmers.
    • Partisan: You have a cause you care about deeply. Others disagree with you deeply. They are stupid cattle, and you feed on them as such.
    • Werewolf: When the moon is full (or new or crescent or you're hungry) you strip naked, pop your claws, and chase down prey like a wild animal. You can't help it! It's a curse!
    • Grudgeholder: You started with a list of people who deserved it: your boss, your -ex, the bully from your childhood. Now, it's the surly waitress and the guy who cut you off in traffic.
    • Cop: You find a criminal (broken turn signal? jaywalker?) and somewhere between slamming them to the ground and putting them in the backseat, they get real woozy.
    • White Van Man: You work at a blood bank, transporting collected blood to the processing lab. Most of it, anyway.
    • Phlebotomist: You work drawing vials of blood for testing at a hospital. One for them, one for you, one for them, ...
    • Panderer: You own a brothel. You drug the johns and draw their blood. You're not above selling some, if there's a convention in town.
    • Blood Thief: Obfuscate's awesome! You just walk right into the lab and walk right out. If you act like you belong nobody notices.
    • Cleaner: You have a company that cleans up crime scenes and accident sites. Other vampires feed with their fangs; you use a squegee and a bucket.
    • Buyer: Why complicate things? You just pay off nurses and lab techs, and get all the blood you need.
    • Mortician: You need to drain them as part of the embalming process. No sense in wasting it.
    • Waste Not: Medical waste companies incinerate all sorts of stuff. You intercept it, thrown it in a blender, filter it, and chow down. Mmmm, people smoothie!
    Blood Leech
    • Mercenary: You work for your sect battling its enemies. They don't know you abduct the enemy and keep them in your pantry... or they don't care.
    • Loyal Servant: You have attached yourself to a Methuselah. You do her bidding and are heavily bound, but never, ever hungry.
    • Kidnapper: You found a thin-blood unable to create bloodbonds. He lives in your basement as your... guest.
    • Wise Hermit: You are terrified to leave your Haven. So, you mentor a bunch of thin-bloods who feed for you. With Dominate, they have no idea.
    • Tutor: You travel from town to town, teaching fledglings the ropes. They pay you in blood.
    • Junior Inquisitor: You have found a backdoor into the servers at the SI. You use their research to find targets. Sooner or later, the SI will figure out why their targets keep vanishing just before the agents move in.
    • Blood Doll: You are an elder who poses as a goth working at a bordello frequented by vampires. For some weird reason (Dominate), your clients are always hungrier after they feed from you.
    • CEO: You and your wife (with whom you share a mutual bond) don't have time for feeding and whatnot, so you embraced and bound a dozen childer to feed on your behalf.
    • Landlady: You found the dilapidated old mansion in 1963. You fixed it up and sectioned it into apartments. The tenants come and go... hippies, activists, artists, punks, and students. They see you as an eccentric who believes she's a vampire. The rent's cheap, though, in what's become a good neighborhood. So, there's rarely a vacancy.
    • SitCom Vamp: Your wife and kids know you're dead, but no one else. They help you keep your secret. Between nosy neighbors, demanding clients of your freeelance advertising job, and a mother-in-law on a mission to uncover your secret... well, zany hijinx will certainly ensue.
    • Queen of the Quad: You loooved University life so much you've been a night school undergrad for thirty-seven years. Every four years you pack your LL Bean sweaters, your string of pearls, and your dog-eared copy of Love Story into your pink MiniCooper convertible and move to a new school. Then you pledge a sorority, and get busy making friends into sisters! You would have over 1100 credits, but finals are always in the daytime. Maybe, this time you'll major in something super-fun and super-easy, like Electrical Engineering.
    • Trailer Trash: You live in a trailer-park full of washed-up, burnt-out, has-been tweakers like you. They all know what you are, but since you killed the landlord they don't mind. If anyone does get a conscience and complains, you bury them in the town dump next door.
    • Prophet Pratt: You have seven sweet-as-sugar wives, thirty-nine children, and a compound an hour outside Vegas. You also have a faith that burns like the desert sun, but you're not sure what Heavenly Father's plan is for you now that you're dead.
    • Momma Jo: You and the other girls work the streets because you ran out of options. It's hard work, and more dangerous than lion-taming. You're like a mother to your girls, and look out for them. You would do anything for them, and they for you.
    • Labour Organizer: You came to town during the coal strikes to help organize. You fell in love with it before you could properly pronounce its name. Now, the mines are gone, the coal board has been sold off, and the town is struggling. The nearest "prince" is in Swansea, but bollocks that! You'll never bow before a tool of the reactionary Camarilla. You'd love to stand in solidarity with the Anarchs... if you only knew one. As for the townfolk, you serve as a cross between a trusted uncle and an unofficial mayor to the entire town.

    More to come... anybody else have some ideas?

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    I like the Alleycat "Hunter" (the vest thing is funnily probably true), the Bagger "Waste Not" almost made me retch, the Blood Leech "CEO" is pragmatically macabre, and the Cleaver "SitCom Vamp" is just a fubar sitch waiting to happen. Very good work.

    I might add a concept "Homeless Shelter Staff", you work at an overnight Homeless Shelter Downtown in a major city. New blood every night, and you can cultivate a herd of the regulars, giving them healthy food and vitamins to improve their bloods flavor under the guise of "going the extra mile" in your job.
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      Really nice, all' of them!


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        • City Boy: You own an actual farm. You mostly bought it so you could write-off your weekend place that's part of the property, but there are 63 cows, 12 pigs, and 918 Rhode Island Reds. Your farm manager says that's a kind of chicken, but aren't chickens white? Whatever. Having all those chickens makes feeding a lot easier. You are becoming an expert on animal husbandry. For example, you know it's harder to catch a boy chicken.
        • Cat Lady: You have a big house loaded with books, old furniture, more books, and other assorted stuff. Some might call you a hoarder, but you need all that stuff. After all, you hate to go into town, especially now that you're a vampire. You still have a huge colony of cats living with you. Feed from them? Never! You train them to bring you small animals. Margaret Catwood and Tabby Douglas bring mice. Chair-man Meow brings rats. Emily Kittenson loves to get birds off the roof by the attic window. Carrie Chapman and Elizabeth Catty Stanton fight all the time, but work together to get lizards. Elizabeth Barrett Meowning stands guard over you during the day...
        • Jungle Jim: You've worked in the slaughterhouse for thirty years. You like your work. Really like your work. Getting dead didn't change nothing. Except now you never slip on the gore-covered floors. You keep your knives sharp, keep your apron clean, and make your quota every night by dawn.
        • Forest Runner: You live... well, exist... in a national park just a half-hour from the ring road. You sleep in the dirt. Your clothes have long since fallen into rags. You feed. You run. You feed. You protect people who get lost, and hurt the bad people. You chase down deer, rabbit, and wild boar. You once almost ate a Scottish Wildcat, but became hunting partners instead. Sometimes you stand completely still on the edge of a campsite watching the people sleep. You'd like to introduce yourself, but can't remember who you were.
        • Rescuer: You worked at an animal shelter before you died, and you still do. Most of the animals who come in aren't appropriate to adopt out, so they have to be put down. You tell yourself it's better their blood not go to waste. But, if you believe that, why does it still make you cry every fuckin time?
        • Newbie: You were embraced last week, and are doing surprisingly well. So far, you've found an old chest freezer in an abandoned house to sleep in. Your diet consists of raccoons, squirrels, and one neighbor's dog. You desperately want a place to take a shower, and you want your phone back so you can check your email. It only just this second occurred to you that you never called off from work. Mr. Spangler is going to be so pissed when he finds out you can only work nights.
        • Basement Breeder: You never really thought much about animals before. When you were embraced, you watched some youtube videos and turned your basement into one giant rabbit hutch. It's starting to smell, and you think you might need to find a place in the country. You feed on animals not out of morality, but sheer laziness, so who knows when that will happen?
        • Lab Rat: You were in medical school when embraced. You decided to figure out how all this works, so you put together a full lab. You eat the test animals after you've completed each study. Some meals have led to unusual results when you ate the experimental group. You're thin-blooded and have stumbled across Blood Alchemy, though you will never (never!) call it that.
        • Maenad: You run a small cult that punishes the wicked, with a special focus on men who abuse women. Your sisters keep you well supplied with adulterers, wife-beaters, and chauvinists. You get fed, and the world is a better place. Win-win.
        • Necronomiconist: You've duped a bunch of bored suburban kids into worshiping a demon (whose name you made up) with you. You drink their blood and do "magic rituals" for them. Weird thing is some of it is starting to work, and, though you'll never admit it, you're getting scared.
        • Multi-Level Marketer: You find amazing new products with stupendous growth potential that can really make people's lives better! They just buy a small shipment, and then sell it to their friends and neighbors. Extra bonuses for signing up new Entrepreneur-Sellers. If you don't make your quota? Oh, just come on in for a brief conference on sales techniques. You can be a better you, and help others do the same! Sign up for a presentation meeting now! Tuesday, 9pm, at the Holiday Inn on Route 422.
        • General of the Citizen Militia: You used to work as an assistant manager at an auto-parts store until your sire embraced you and told you about Gehenna. You are desperately fighting to find a safe place before all the bad things that are gonna happen, happen. A place where good, decent, God-fearing Americans can wait out the coming storm. You have a compound outside of town, with guns, solar power and lots of canned goods. What will you eat? Well, you've signed up a few dozen families to come live on "Freedom Ranch" already, and more are joining every night.
        • Thirteenth Stepper: Your sire embraced you because he figured if you could stay sober from booze and drugs for twenty years, you could probably handle blood addiction. You still attend meetings because "the only former alcoholic is a dead alcoholic". Oh, right, well, you keep coming back anyway. Besides, it's a good place to feed. The blood is usually clean, and who's gonna believe a recently recovered junkie if they say a vampire attacked them?
        • Holy Roller: You have been carrying the Word of the Lord since you were nine. Your congregation adores you, and you always manage to preach from the spirit. You are really helping people gain salvation, right? And, if they're a little light-headed after personal counseling with you in the prayer closet? Well, the spirit has made the faithful fall out before.
        • Urban Legend: You are a legend among the neighborhood children. They say you were a kid who died in a house-fire, or maybe you accidentally drank poison, or got lost and died in the woods. They say if a kid goes to the playground at night, closes their eyes, and says, "Harold, Harold, come play with me!" three times, you will. They're right. Stupid, stupid children.


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          • Pharmacist: You work at an all-night pharmacy. You keep a list of patients who are vastly over-prescribed on sleeping meds or pain pills. It's not every pharmacist who cares enough to make house-calls.
          • Truck Stop Snore: Your Haven's property backs up against a major highway truck-stop. There are always some truckers taking a quick nap.
          • Dorm Man: You work overnight security at a high-rise dormitory of a huge, public university. It has great benefits, like access to the electronic pass-key database, and all the undergrads you can eat.
          • Nightclub Owner: People think vampires own nightclubs because they're exciting and cool. Not you. You're terrified by crowds and hate loud music. But, the bartenders slip your patrons the occasional roofie, and you get the leftovers at the end of the night.
          • Do-Gooder: You volunteer as security and maintenance for a homeless shelter. Every night you tell yourself, "No, its wrong!" But, you always wind up drinking from someone.
          • Silent Widow: You use your Obfuscate to break into homes and feed on the family you find there. Then you go through their wallets, and their phones, and their bathrooms, and their trash. Sometimes, you just sit there, in their living room for hours on end, going through their family pictures. God, you miss your family so much.
          • Angel of Death: You sneak into old people's homes and study the people who live there. The ones who seem like bad people, and those in a lot of pain, you kill. No one asks too many questions when a 90-year-old dies peacefully in their sleep.
          • Five Star Vampire: Only the richest of the rich can afford your hotel. The best of the best. Corporate CEOs. Red-hot celebrities. Heads of state. It's an impressive menu. (Most nights you take a few minutes to mix some toilet water in their 5000 euro jar of face-cream. Entitled bitches.)
          • Panhandler: You spend your nights on the metro.You go from train to train looking for tired commuters dozing, or last-call partiers passed out.
          • Motel Ghost's BFF: They say the old motel is haunted. It is. But, you also use the service corridor that runs behind all the rooms to feed on the guests, which accounts for most of what goes bump in the night. The ghost? She's super-lonely and always wants to talk. Kind of annoying, really, but makes a great look-out.
          • Hospital Visitor: You put on surgical scrubs, and just walk into a hospital. Sleeping patients are everywhere, and if they get anemic the doctors will deal with it. Funny thing is you rarely even need your Obfuscate. You look like you know where you're going, and nobody bothers you.


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            This thread is all sorts of fantastic. Thanks for tossing this up (and continuing to do so). This is a great way to provide some perspective to the Predator Types and show the myriad of ways that they can be put into practice. Looking forward to seeing you eventually get around to the rest of them. I'll no doubt be showing this to my players before we dive too much further in and see if this gives them any different thoughts on the types they have opted for.

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              • Professional escort. When you're a vampire, the take-out orders you. Your Vessels are eager to keep your liaisons from reaching their ears of their wives / husbands / shareholders / constituents, so discretion is assured, and you don't need to put any effort into hunting your prey
              • The Olympic hopefuls who need a boost that won't show up on a drug test come to you. So to the Hollywood starlets looking for an alternative to Botox. You figure it's a fair trade, blood for blood. You just make sure that you bet the better of the bargain. Better make sure that the Camarilla never finds out, though, or it's hello, Red List.


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                Originally posted by JezMiller View Post
                Professional escort. When you're a vampire, the take-out orders you.
                Best. Line. Ever.


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                  Scene Queen
                  • Gallery Owner: Your curating skills and eye for new talent are world-renowned. Hanging an artist's work almost guarantees they'll make the cover of Art in America, and get calls from MoMA and the Tate. You won't hang just anybody, though. First, they have to do you a favor.
                  • Dominatrix: Your "lounge" is in a non-descript office park, and you don't need to advertise on Craig's List like a common whore. Oh, no, your clients are strictly by referral only. Your waitlist is harder for an applicant to get through than Harvard's waitlist.
                  • Mustang Mentor: You never wear your chest candy, but you enlisted as a pv1 and retired a full-bird colonel. Your bar is popular with young soldiers looking to get ahead. You give them advice and insight into serving everywhere from tech school to the five-sided puzzle palace. You give them a job when they're a single digit midget. You've even gone kinetic in-country to find a few who've gone elvis. With a little blood, anybody will blow through pt requirements. And when you need help? Well, brothers help brothers.
                  • Muscle Head: You played pro-ball for three years, and spent the ten years after working out to try to get drafted again. Finally, you gave up, bought a gym, and got rich as a personal trainer, with vhs work-out tapes and everything. Now a vampire, you only feed on your muscled-up clients. Pain is just weakness leaving the body!
                  • Music Vlogger: You started a music vlog because you were bored. You're pretty in a hipster nerdgrrrl sort of way, funny as a stand-up comedian, and actually a skilled music critic. None of it seemed real until you hit a million subscribers. You've blown way past that, and on your say-so record companies make their business decisions. Young musicians will do anything... anything... to get a good review from you. (Or a bad review for a rival.) Being immortal, you know you'll be passe some night, but, for now, you milk it... well, bleed it... for all it's worth.
                  • Tattoo Artist: You book your clients (a mix of celebrities and fellow tattoo artists, who come to learn) two years out and your portfolio has shown in galleries. Your line work is precise as autocad, your shading soft as a kitten, your color work ranges from deeply saturated to creamy pastel, and you have the lightest touch in the business. In fact, some clients say they feel a strange euphoria while you work. You tell them it's normal they feel drained afterwards.
                  • Biker Chick: Your boyfriend is the leader of an outlaw MC, and he doesn't take a shit without asking you first. Your boys make decent money running drugs, making loans, and the occasional armed robbery. This set-up gives you a ready supply of muscle and blood. The other vampires in town think of you as trailer trash, but that changes when you walk into Elysium with a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills.
                  • Weinstein: In Hollywood, it isn't about your talent and beauty... in this town, the cleaning ladies are talented and beautiful... it's what scripts you get sent to read and whether they like you for the role. Gosh, it's amazing what girls off the bus from Nebraska will do to be an extra in a real, live movie.
                  • Grand Poobah of the Greasy Spoon: You are the absolute ruler of your domain. Never mind that your domain is a truckstop diner that smells like a rendering plant. You feed more people per hour than most refugee camps... and with worse service. Everybody... back of house, front of house, gas-pump jockeys, even some of the wholesalers... will do anything to get a better shift, a ten cent raise, or just next Tuesday off. If you drink too much, well, an extra hundred pounds of ground chuck would sure help the shrink numbers.
                  • Gentleman of the Club: You are a founding member and chair of the membership committee of a very exclusive club founded in 1758. Politicians, industrialists, journalists, high church prelates, old money playboys, and world-trotting diplomats lounge in wing-back chairs, sipping brandies, puffing cigars, and swapping deals. For every key to the front door, there are ten thousand applicants. Not that anyone can actually apply. It's invitation only - and you do the inviting.


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                    (NSFW. Honestly, I wrestled with how to write this one. Whether to use euphemisms or jump right in? Oh, well, so much for that G rating. Also, I had trouble fitting the Fortitude aspect into this. For mortals, yeah, but not sure how it ties to vampires.)

                    • Online MSM: When you were alive you were a straight (but accepting) man. Still are, in fact, but then after your embrace you discovered Grindr. It makes feeding easier than sending out for pizza.
                    • Sex Worker: You did sex work on the streets when you were alive to survive, and was embraced by a client. Weirdly, your life really hasn't changed much.
                    • Back-Seat Beauty: You were head cheerleader when you were embraced leaving a night game. Now, you hang out on the edges of high-school parties and turn boys into men.
                    • Glory Holer: You spend your nights in public restrooms and porn-store video booths. Your prey never even sees your face, but they always come back for more.
                    • Hello, Nurse: You dress up like a healthcare worker and visit assisted care facilities, where you bring a very special kind of healing.
                    • Porn Star: You have one of the most famous bodies in... alternative cinema. You can't go to a bar or nightclub without being recognized. It's easy to find a partner when you're a walking fantasy.
                    • Sweater Set Swinger: You have a tidy home in an upscale suburb and organize swinger parties. No, you can't join them for a tennis foursome tomorrow. You like to sleep in.
                    • Workingman Hero: You're just a big, beefy guy with proletarian manners, a flawless face, and a tender touch. You never consciously chose to be a Siren, but the opportunity kept arising, so here you are... banging and bleeding girls (and some guys) in your all-night garage.
                    • Third of a Threesome: You and your ghouled girlfriend pick up straight men for group sex. You still don't get why a straight guy would want to be with two lesbians, but it keeps you fed.
                    • Pedo Bait: You were embraced at a young age, and so have few options. You offer yourself to pedophiles, and their pedo friends. Once you're introduced to a new predator, you kill the last one, and move on to the next. You like to say you're making the world a better place one corpse at a time.
                    • Romantic: You don't just find somebody to bang and bleed. No, you want to woo them and sweep them off their feet. Flowers, fancy dinners, intimate talks. You're the perfect gentleman who feeds with chaste good night kisses for the first few dates. (At the moment, you're juggling eleven soul-mates. Frankly, you're exhausted.)
                    • Fetish Embodiment: If you had been born a hundred years ago, you would have been in a freak-show, and you always had low self-esteem because of the way you look. When you were alive how did you not know there was a whole fetish community devoted to people like you?
                    • Exotic Dancer: You show the men your moves, and offer a private dance. You are very careful to keep everything just this side of the legal definition of prostitution, because you are an artist, dammit.
                    • Hotel Maid: It's a tragedy and a scandal how many hotel maids are raped every year. You figure you're doing a public service by putting yourself out as bait, and diverting attention from women less able to defend themselves. If the man seems especially rough, you kill him and make it look like a suicide.
                    • Succubus: You break into single men's homes and climb into their beds. They're startled at first, of course, but then you explain (with Dominate) that this is all just a sexy dream.
                    • Savior: You have your ghouls mug a lone woman on the street, then jump in to "save her". It nearly always gets you a few dates, or at least a grateful kiss.
                    • Celebrity: You are famous, mostly for being famous. Just walk into any bar and walk out with dinner. Your vessels will tell their grandchildren about when they banged that celebrity.
                    • Backroom Betty: You hang out in nightclubs and lead your prey into back hallways and storerooms for a little pick-me-up.
                    • Damsel in Distress: You stage a stalled car by the side of the road, and act very, very grateful toward anyone who stops to help.
                    • Older Woman: You were embraced in your golden years, and felt invisible to the young, pretty people. Now, with Presence all the hot young muscle-men want you. Sometimes you just have them wine-and-dine you, sometimes you play silly games with masks and leashes. You always feel twenty years younger when you are done.


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                      Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
                      Glory Holer: You spend your nights in public restrooms and porn-store video booths. Your prey never even sees your face, but they always come back for more.
                      Actually, frat house jokes aside, that one is really ingenious. Masquerade preserved, identity concealed, the effects of the Kiss inventively exploited, and you can be pretty damn' sure that your victims - if indeed they can be so described - aren't going to talk about it.

                      Blood Leech

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                      Abattoirs need to dispose of a lot of blood. And nobody's going to notice if a little of it goes missing. A few Blood Bonds, a little Dominate, and you have a more-or-less unlimited supply on tap.


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                        From my own current V5 character

                        Black Marketeer - You know how to buy and sell ANYTHING online. You are a master of the world of Proxy servers and bitcoin.