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V5 - Occult or Streetwise?

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  • V5 - Occult or Streetwise?

    So my PCs are going to start venturing through the domains of others. What would be a good roll to see if they knew whose domain they were entering and any info about them? Sort of a Knowledge Local check in d20 terms.

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    I would say either Streetwise or Politics if they are still here.


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      Page 323 talks about Kindred tagging and suggests the Pool would be:

      Intelligence + Streetwise (street tags)
      Intelligence + Investigation (repeated patterns)
      Intelligence + Insight (double meanings)

      Mortals need Intelligence + Occult to identify Kindred tags.

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        Etiquette is used in Dark ages for recognizing Heraldry and the like, so that may be a good option.

        The other option is to flip it on them; what is each character looking out for or researching before hand to find out?
        A Ventrue probably won't have tags for borders claiming territory, but that's almost certainly the way that the Brujah will do it.

        The right thing to do is to approach a member of the court, like the harpy, and trade a boon for the information. Save stepping in Shit with the wrong Clans.