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  • Dominate question v5

    Hey guys!

    Today my grupo had a issue on dominate discipline on v5, a player attempted use cloud memory on other player and had 4 success against 5 sucess on the defensive player, in that situation it ia considerate a total failure and the player 1 cannot use the discipline on player 2 until the end of story?

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    Yes, well, sort of.

    On a total failure on the roll of any Dominate power, that vampire can no longer Dominate that target for the rest of the story. (V5, p255)
    The vampire using Dominate has failed the contest, and loses the ability to Dominate that target.

    That said, however, remember the definition of the term "story", especially as compared to the concept of a whole chronicle. The loss of the ability to dominate the victim is not a long-term impediment. Personally, I find the term "story" far too vague for use as a duration, and I would run "story" as meaning until the pcs have had some downtime, just to simplify.

    Story: A full tale, complete with introduction, rising action, and climax. Some stories can take several sessions to complete; others can be finished in one. Some short stories are effectively vignettes that are nothing more than a single scene. (V5, p117)


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      I see, but there is a rule for Total failure ? If i remember its only a total failure if you dont have any sucess on test.


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        You are correct, I was wrong, and I am sorry. I missed the term "total failure" in the power description. (see also, p122)

        If you roll no successes whatsoever, it is a total failure.

        In the case of Dominate rolls, that will make the target resistant to further uses of Dominate.

        In this particular case, of 4 successes versus 3 successes, that isn't the case, however. The user of Dominate can try again.

        I don't suppose I could convince you I posted my first response to give an example of what a "total failure" looks like when rolled in the real world, huh?


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          Thanks a lot i thought i miss read it, and yeah the first post cover very well the total failure, it got a real mess on yestarday game session, when our ventrue commanded the malkavian to “forget”. People got mad 😂.