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Alternate (and Equivalent) Point Builds for V5

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  • Alternate (and Equivalent) Point Builds for V5

    I was making some V5 characters using standard build to get a feel for the process, and got a little frustrated with what felt like prescriptive point spreads which created every character using the same bell-curve. So, I broke down the xp value of a book standard build, and distributed the points my own way. After I finished up, I thought, "Hmmm, maybe someone else will find this helpful."

    So I decided to post it. Maybe, someone would like to post their own spreads, using the same xp totals?

    First, book-standard attributes have a total xp value of 160xp.

    In standard attributes, you get 1 at 4, 3 at 3, 4 at 2, and 1 at 1. (I assumed everyone gets 1 dot for free, as there is no official price for buying a "new" attribute.)

    Here are a few alternate distributions:
    • "Everyman" Four attributes at 3 dots. Five attributes at 2 dots. XP remainder is 10.
    • "Everyman Plus" Two at 4 dots. Seven at 2 dots. No remainder.
    • "Mixed Bag" Six at 3 dots. One at 2 dots. Two at 1 dot. No remainder.
    • "Savant" One at 5 dots. Eight at 2 dots each. XP remainder is 10.
    • "Over-Specialized I" Two at 5 dots. Two at 2 dots. Five at 1 dot. No remainder.
    • "Over-Specialized II" One at 5 dots. Two at 4 dots. Six at 1 dot. No remainder.
    Next, book-standard skills have a total xp value of 123xp.

    The exact composition of the levels varies, but they all add up to 123 xp.

    It's confusingly written how to purchase a new skill, from zero to 1. (I know. Confusingly written in V5? No, it can't be.) The text reads "Increase Skill New levelx3". Now, the word "Increase" means "become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree". This implies a pre-existing trait, not a whole new one. I made the obvious assumption that a new skill at level 1 costs (New ratingx3) or 3xp.

    I have included the cost of the "free" specialty (3 xp) in the total. I have not included the cost of specialties given for free to Performance, Science, Academics, and Craft, as these are required for these skills. This slightly awkward for some builds. A character who is generally well-read with an Academics 1 has to pick a specialty? It gets weirder with someone who reads lots of popular science media, but has little actual training. They might pick up bits and pieces of Science, giving them one dot, but are required to declare a Specialty?

    (Note, there are 27 skills on the standard character sheet.)

    Here are a few alternate distributions:
    • "Dilettante" Twenty at 1 dot, Seven at 2 dots.
    • "Dilettante, with an Obsession" Twenty-six skills at 1 dot, One skill at 5 dots.
    • "Polymath" Ten skills at 1 dot, Three at 2 dots, Two at 3 dots, One at 4 dots.
    • "Undergrad" Thirteen skills at 2 dots, Two at 1 dot.
    • "Expert" Two at 4 dots, Two at 3 dots, Two at 2 dots, Three at 1 dot.
    • "Over-specialized" One at 5 dots, one at 4 dots, two at 3 dots, plus a specialty in all four.
    • "Way Over-specialized" Two skills at 5 dots, One skill at 4 dots.
    Disciplines are book standard of 2 in one in-clan discipline, and 1 in another in-clan, for an equivalent cost of only 20xp.

    This is, notably, an under-invested part of the chagen.

    If an ST allows some xp to be pulled out of Attributes and Skills there is a lot of room for growth here. Even one or two extra dots in disciplines could make a large difference. Four dots in a skill cost 30xp. Three dots in an in-clan discipline also cost 30xp. Would you rather have Etiquette 4 or Presence 3? Know what else costs 30 xp? Four out-of-clan disciplines at level one, with 2xp to spare. It's hard to argue that wouldn't be a better deal than a level 4 skill.

    I'm not sure if this means Skills are over-priced, or Disciplines are under-priced or what. But, suffice to say, if you're used to V20 chagen, look carefully at the math. The nights of all new disciplines, in-clan or out, costing 10xp are over.

    There aren't a whole lot of ways to move the discipline dots around.
    • "Generalist" All three clan disciplines at level 1, with a remainder of 5 xp. (Where's the Additional Discipline merit when you need it?)
    • "Out-of-clan Discipline Expert" One in-clan at 1, one out-of-clan at 2, with a remainder of 1 xp.
    • "Out-of-clan Discipline Dabbler" One in-clan at 1, two out-of-clans at 1, with a remainder of 1xp.

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    Question. Are things still broke with freebie points versus xp points like willpower and didciplines?


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      Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
      Question. Are things still broke with freebie points versus xp points like willpower and didciplines?
      There are no freebies. Just starting dots, and then you're handed xp for use during chagen.