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Theory about Beckett's Jyhad Diary

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  • Theory about Beckett's Jyhad Diary

    By my count, Beckett's Jyhad Diary contained some 318 paper clips. Theoretically, this could be 159 paper clips if they all lined up, but only a few of the paper clips line up front to back so these are at least bounds. Beckett, a consummate antiquarian, would just use archival tape, repositionable fixative, or some other adhesive method to prevent things from falling out. There's no point in the book where there's a blank space and a paper clip suggesting something fell. This leads me to think that some other adhesive was used or maybe the item is magical/enchanted.

    My first thought was "maybe these are utility paper clips to be used with something like movement of the mind" but apparently that path doesn't allow for such fine manipulation. These paperclips could be set to all sorts of uses. 318 #1 paper clips could make a chain around 36 feet long which could be useful in all sorts of cases. I thought at first they could be painted cold iron to protect against the fae but iron is too brittle. Then I realized it; the paperclips are not just silver paper clips, but paperclips made of silver to fend off Lupines. The book's designed to be usable in a chronicle, so I propose that rather than just doing Strength + 1 bashing damage that is also do aggregated damage against Lupines and possibly the illiterate (presuming it's enchanted).

    Aside: I wonder how the history of Vampire publishing would be different were Beckett to have had Eidetic Memory.
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    You clearly put some work into this post... so you deserve at least one response.

    This is cute. Thanks for the excellent laughs.


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      Sticky tape deals aggravated damage to Gangrel.

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        If a character exposed such theory, I'd believe you might be channeling some deep wisdom... Of the Malkavian kind though.

        Thank you for the laughs 😁😂


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          Originally posted by The Gentleman Gamer View Post
          Sticky tape deals aggravated damage to Gangrel.
          V6 clan weakness. I like the idea of Beckett's demise coming from Cesare's arts and crafts time going terribly awry.


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            Originally posted by PhillyCuriosity View Post
            By my count, Beckett's Jyhad Diary contained some 318 paper clips.
            See, what you should be wondering is, how is it that every time there is a paperclip, the plane seems to mysteriously be absent from that page. Almost like it was forgotten about, even if it is right in the middle of the author travelling and collecting their thoughts within, suddenly Plane in gone, perhaps to reappear as if, as if he had been there the whole time.

            What happened in those times?
            What don't they want you to know? Is Plane Cesare? Did Plane consume Cesare? Is it, are they the pillar of white spoken of in the Book of Nod? Or three Princes?

            By these signs, it says, you must know that Gehenna waits, even at the door, as an actor waits IN THE WINGS.