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V20 - Organizing the Merits & Flaws from Lore of the Clans/Bloodlines

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    In our group, we consider the merits/flaws to be two types. First there are Clan-specific ones, like e.g. Embraced without the cup or Sanguine Incongruity, which can only be found among one specific Clan/Bloodline and no other, because it is tied to this blood or social construct.
    The common ones come in two subtypes: universal and "most commonly found among...". For instance the vast majority of the "Totemnic Change" merit will be found among the Gangrel, but there will be Cainites of other Clans who possess this special closeness/talent for Protean as well, just simply this number will be small.

    You could write an explanation text for the Merit/Flaw section stating that all common merits/flaws with a Clan/Bloodline in brackets following it, will be found among that Clan the most often and a rare, but possible occurance among the others. Only the merits/flaws on the Clan-specific list can be aquired by the stated Clans.