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    Can hypothetically a vampire of the 15th generation who was a changeling in life, become a part of the Maeghar bloodline. I know that they are technically not allowed to have any characteristics to denote them as part of a clan or bloodline but the Maeghar are something separate. They’re more of a separate species than a defined bloodline. Like Abominations.

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    Honestly it's such a rarity of a situation it'd be up to the GM. I wouldn't at my table but I know gms who wouldn't care.
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      Sure, seems fine to me. Per the True Black Hand book on Maeghar.

      The Maeghar were never a bloodline. Most share no common ancestry with each other, and many do not even hail from the same Clan. They are merely a collection of accidents, a mixture of blood and fae-blooded wyrd that should never have been possible.
      This seems to fit that quite fine. As above, assuming if the Storyteller is fine with it.


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        They'd probably get the flaw, but not the in clan discipline


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          I assume you are in a V20 environment.

          If you use the Maeghar from DSotBH20, the current defining traits for non-15th gen vampires in V20 include:

          Mytherceria as an in-clan discipline, plus two in-clans from whatever clan the Maeghar would have been if they weren't fae.

          A blood line weakness which reads like a laundry list:
          • They have a cosmetic deformity, like blue skin, six arms, or being pale with black hair. (As usual, unlife ain't fair, and it's up to luck of the draw.) This trait (whether minor or major) gives observers a -1 difficulty to notice their supernatural nature. Yep, six arms and black hair both give the same modifier.
          • Cold Iron weapons do agg damage, and triggers frenzies. (And, no, what exactly cold iron is doesn't get explained. This complicates matters since, irl metallurgy, there is no agreed upon definition. Cold iron, kind of, isn't a thing.)
          • They are germ-phobes who refuse to drink directly from a human. They must drain the blood into a container and drink it indirectly.
          • It's implied they have an obsessive-compulsive disorder which requires them to maintain a large collection of some sort. This appears in the description, however, and not in the actual clan weakness section, so, ymmv.
          For a 15th gen vampire, this interacts with Thin Blood rules. They would not get in-clan costs for any discipline, so the "Mytherceria+2" aspect is moot. At my table, however, I would allow the purchase and advancement of Mytherceria without further explanation in this situation, if the player accepts some or all of the weaknesses, as below.

          Thin-bloods don't have a clan weakness, so they would not have the weakness(es).

          That said, Maeghar are not actually a bloodline, they are simply the result of embracing a fae or fae-blooded human. It would seem reasonable for an ST to rule that a fae who is embraced may acquire the "Clan Curse" flaw from the Thin Blooded book. This flaw gives the vampire a clan curse. This could easily be the laundry list of Maeghar weaknesses.

          The other way to handle this character would be to purchase the various flaws individually as merits and flaws. Eerie Presence, Silver Vulnerability (reskinned for Cold Iron), and/or a Feeding Exclusion could stand-in for the line's weaknesses. Of course, this would require special permission to exceed the usual maximum flaws.