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  • How to counter Ogham V20

    I haven't been playing very long so im not all that experienced with ability interactions but one of the other players in my group is a Lhianan who has proved worrying. She has proven that she can and will brutally murder allies if it means she can kill her enemies, even cheerfully declaring that she turned the Caitiff-Shield a Tzimisce turned one of the other players into chunky salsa.

    The thing thats most worrying is Ogham. It lets her turn off the disciplines of anyone she knows the name of and uses Protean to grow claws that deal aggravated damage.

    How do I counter that if we have to put her down? Would gouging out our own eyes and trying to fight the Celerity-Protean monster in melee combat be enough?

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    If you are talking about them using inscribe the curse specifically of the mind, don't forget that there is a roll necessary by the targeted party.
    "the curse takes effect as soon as the target sees his name. He does not need to understand the language used, but if he can comprehend it, he may resist the curse with a Wits + Occult roll
    (difficulty 8)."

    On top of that it does not effect celerity, fortitude, or potence
    "Inscribe the name across the forehead. The foe becomes confused as parts of his mind become disconnected from one another; he must spend one Willpower point in order to attempt any Knowledge roll or use any magical ability or Discipline (other than Celerity, Fortitude, or Potence). This Willpower doesn’t buy him a success on that roll; it simply allows him to make it."

    So to put it simply, hit them with a nice potence punch or shoot them in the head at point blank with a shotgun(Difficulty 6 due to it being point blank range). Shotgun is a really good answer, spend a willpower to guarantee a success on the attack roll. It's then a damage 11(8+2 from headshot +1 from the success) damaging attack that is lethal because it's a headshot witha firearm. If you are prior to the age of firearms, get the potence punch ready.

    On top of that if you do 4 points of damage the cursed writing becomes defaced and no longer works.


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      Yeah, I wouldn't be too worried about Ogham. As Skorm notes, you might get a chance to resist (if you can read the language). They also have to take the time to use blood writing your name, which is an issue if there are multiple of your coming at them. And it doesn't affect the standard three physical disciplines and even then, only requires a Willpower.

      So if you already have Protean up, Ogham won't really be doing anything prohibitive. At that point it just depends on the other details of the engagement.


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        Ogham turns off blood expenditures. There are a number of discplines that do not use blood. Like.. Fortitude or Dominate and even Celerity and Potence have mechanics for not being active.. sure you don't get those extra actions but more dex is pretty sweet.

        It also Does not deactivate powers that are already active. So... someone turns on Celerity while running up behind her its on that turn for the least.

        There's only so much room for people's names.

        Armor's pretty sweet too bad you need to leave yourself uncovered for this.

        It costs 3 points of blood per name written. She only has so big a blood pool. If she's higher than 8th gen it takes her multiple turns to activate. IF she's 7th or 8th gen then its one person per round she can curse, and shed have to be 6th to get two.


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          Also remember that Most vampires have a lot of names. Most don't use their given name. Knowing that Tremere and others have powers that affect by knowing their true name. So the power of knowing a name is very different if they have so many through their time....


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            I'm seing several to fight against the curst that prevent Discipline blood activation ...
            As it's a player with you, she hasn't inscript name from other player in advance so when she do it, close your eyes ...The curse activate when you see your name.

            A funny wait pacify a druidess ... without harming her (except her dignity) : a bucket of water as the curse is write with blood, it should erase it and nullify it.

            For the curse, your name is require (and in some version of Ogham, it's the true name that is require) so always use nickname and change it regurlarly so you don't feel it's your name, so the curse shouldn't affect you.

            Sorry to not be as bloodthirty as other, but it's against a druidess player from the same party / coterie so a solution without going too far may be useful.
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              Ogham takes time and lots of blood, if she is a threat and have already (and gloat about) attacking a member of the coterie, let her spend her blood, and then you can blood bond/dominate/eliminate depending on your ressources and how PvP is your game.

              Depending on your own discipline you might have other options.

              The main threat though is celerity + protean, not much to (easily) do against that.

              If she doesn't vhave Auspex, obfuscate is a good counter especially if in clan


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                Its usefull to invoke some older rules, like Ogham is strongest within a Lhiannan's home territory. More than 50 miles (80 km) from her home territory, the difficulty of using Ogham increases by one across the board, as the Lhiannan's own spirit-shard comes into conflict with unfamiliar local spirit life.
                Not to mention, this spirit stuff can be a headache. A vampire with spirit shard in their shoul could attract some nasty attention form Banes, or curious patern spiders, Black Spiral Dancers... anoyed Garou if you want to use some WW material - or just some teritorial local spirits, like a cat or dog. Harrassed by bunch of catss or even better, birds... crows are terriotrial. The poor druidess easily could ends up as a leading role in a spontane Hitchcock: Birds remake...
                An Ahrimane with Spiritus could be a major foe siply her connection to the spirit world thats abhores the Lhinan mere presence

                Or the fact, they are boud to their land, unable to leave their chosen woodland territories for long without becoming weak, with their powers and physical abilities reducing in strength for roughly every week they were gone from their home. Once they returned, they quickly regained their previous strength in only a few hours.

                ​And there is the thing with preparation - know the name is tricky, a few vampire uses their true (not True) name, exactly for this reason. The elders are painfully aware the power of Names
                The young ones too uses nickname, simply for modern reasons - we are living in the digital ages, nicks and avatars and pet names
                But even if the druidess somehow knows the real name, the would be cursed needs to see it to work. Wich kinda limits where you could put it on your body (well not if you are naked, but thats opens up a whole new can of worms of problems; a naked tatooed blood writen wich is recepie for disaster. So you have to be at least dressed up a little - winter or autumn are especially nasty , if you dont want your cower blowed asap a human sees you)
                So that leavs... dunno, the tummy? Forehead? Lets be honest, have you ever tried to write on your face or tummy? Its fkin hard - more so if you want it to be readable , recognizable or in a hurry
                So the cursed one needs to see it to be work... in a dark night or street, room it could be a real chalange.
                Or simply, counter it with a minion or two, two body guard, who will die for their master and fight instead of the cursed vampire :3
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                  In V20 Ogham, inscribe the curse require blood runes to be on the forehead to block Discipline after being see by target.
                  The target need to see is name, not be able to read it or understand it : Poor light may not counter the power but darkness yes.

                  Ad you the Lhianan has at least 6 or 7 dot in Discipline, your coterie should have someone else with Dominate 2 : Hypnosis.
                  You can't harm her with it but an hypnosis like :
                  When I see my name on your forehead, erase it with your fingers.

                  This should give you one free turn to act if the Lhianan go against you.