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V20 - question about incapacitation and torpor, taking damage.

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  • V20 - question about incapacitation and torpor, taking damage.

    So my friend and I has been having this debate about dropping to torpor, basically I say that if you lets say are mauled and take 3 points of damage((Bashing or lethal)) you drop to incapacitated and not straight into torpor. The following line out of v20 core is what leads me to believe this. However my friend reads it the other way, that if you were mauled and take 3 points of damage you fall straight into torpor. Is there some magical line somewhere we are missing that helps clear this up? What do you all think?

    "Further damage suffered by an incapacitated vampire sends her into torpor"

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    You need to be incapacitated first. Then if you take any more damage, you're in torpor.


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      While a more precise wording would have been helpful, I think this rule is indeed supposed to act as a sort of speed bump - you can't ever be torpored by a single attack unless it deals aggravated damage (or is of the "completely obliterate your body" variety). If there's no follow-up damage, you can always come back by investing a little blood.


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        I'm more inclined to read it as your friend did. That 'further damage' does not need to be from another source or on another turn. That 'further damage' merely means damage in excess or additional to being put into incapacitated.
        A character at the Incapacitated health level is utterly immobilized and can take no action of any kind except healing himself with blood points (if the character is a vampire or ghoul) or swallowing blood that is offered to him. A mortal who reaches this stage is a breath away from death; if she takes any more damage, she dies. If a Kindred suffers an aggravated wound (see p. 285) after being Incapacitated, he dies the Final Death. A vampire at the Incapacitated health level with no more blood in his body immediately sinks into torpor.
        All types of injuries are cumulative, and the combined injury determines your character’s current health level.
        When your character’s Health boxes fill to Incapacitated and she takes a further level of lethal damage, she enters torpor (p. 283).
        It doesn't sound like there'd be a speed bump to me. Merely that the cumulative effect will determine where you're at.


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          7 points of damage after soak=incap, 8 points of damage after soak=torpor. So yes, it is possible to one-shot somone into torpor. Some STs do it differently but this how it's done at my table. Also, 8+ Agg=One dusted Vampire.

          Though one interesting HR I've seen is that anything over 7 HP in a single strike gets "upgraded" to a more severe form of damage. So 8 Bashing would be 7 Bashing and one Lethal. 8 Lethal would be 7 Lethal and one Agg. And 22 Bashing would be one dusted vampire.

          English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


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            I have always read it like Monalfie, though reading it as a speedbump would make for a bit more forgiving game. In other words I personally think the Monalfies interpretation to be both RAI and RAW but if interpreting it as a speedbump suits your game style better go with it at your table. Such an interpretation would have saved me, both as an ST and as a Player, a lot of trouble over the years and would have suited certain games better. So YMMV.

            Edit: After revised brought us different types of damage I have been much more lenient with Bashing though, generally meaning that at my table torporing someone needs to be done through Lethal damage, either first hand or by upgrading Bashing damage to Lethal by going around the HL track.
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