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  • Telekinesis made easy

    Is there a merit or combo discipline which reduces the cost or offsets the expenditure of blood like retain the quicken blood combo discipline?
    If not what would you value it as a homebrew?

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    I would have a few different ways to this.

    Such as a ritual consecrating a room, and a higher ritual to consecrate a whole lair, allowing one to more effortlessly wield the powers of the movement of the mind.

    Fortitude 3, Potence 4, Chimeristry 4, (Hundred Hands of the Preserver) the Cainite creates solid illusions of hands and floating mouths to exert the Cainite will.

    Thaumaturgy 5 (Movement of the Mind 5), Fortitude 3. Manifest the Winds Will. The vampire need only activate movement of the mind once per scene, and the invisible eddies of mental energies manifest near effortless control for a scene.

    New Discipline like Kineticism or some such.

    Thaumaturgy 6 (movement of the Mind 5), Fortitude 4, Potence 3. Principle of Will’s Hand
    Movement of the mind waves it’s cost, and only needs rolls for difficult tasks, if blood is spent for a normal activation add the lowest of the users Thaumaturgy or Potence. Aura sight may reveal spiritual limbs when movement of the mind is in use.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      I would probably go the way of a ritual. Spitting off the dome here, but maybe....

      Lvl 5 Thaumaturgy Ritual

      Upheaval of Gravity //
      Castle of Hands //
      Mastery of Matter

      Thaumaturges have been known to perform effortless miracles, levitating and building great structures with nothing but their minds. Those in the know would guess that the Path of Movement of the Mind is behind it, and they would be half right.
      The other half is this grisly ritual. By cutting the hands from living mortals, the thaumaturge can use their sacrifice in place of blood.

      System: This ritual requires an extended roll, as well as significant material components.
      The thaumaturge consecrates a circle no more than 500m in diameter, and sets burial sites for the hands in the circle.
      The thaumaturge chooses a number of hands they wish to bury. Each night, they may roll Intelligence + Occult, until their number of successes equals their chosen number. Failure indicates that the night is wasted, and they reduce their target number by 1 to represent the wasted hand. A Botch means the ritual fails.
      Once completed, each hand can serve as fuel for the thaumaturge. Whenever the thaumaturge wishes to activate a Movement of the Mind power within the circle, they can use a hand instead of spending blood. The hand crumbles to dust once used.
      If the thaumaturge uses a hand instead of blood, they may spend additional hands to gain an automatic success on their activation roll.
      Once all hands are spent, the circle fades.

      Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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        Akhu; the Settite paths can let you active without Blood cost. There's also a specific path that you can use at range,


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          I saw a brilliant idea for a ritual on reddit. Basically you could make a wooden wand type of Talisman that allows you to move things when holding it.

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            No need. Create a house rule that, with dramatic success on the activation roll, the power remains active for a scene and can be used on any number of objects of weight equal to or less than the path level employed. Just retain the requirement that manipulating objects is a mental action, so sparing use of other paths and disciplines the vampire can only manipulate a single object per turn.

            This is innately balanced, because dramatic success on level 4+ isn't common or particularly easy, thereby further incentivizing path use at a level lower than what the vampire may have, while mitigating blood cost by no longer requiring activation on subsequent uses.


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              IIRC, there was a Numina involving Telekinesis in the old, old Hunters Hunted book.

              You could also port in a path from Sorcerer.