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    Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post

    I imagined an Ashland By Night.

    Then I realized that it's just Gary with Kentucky accents.


    Well, my first city ever in a Masquerade was Gary (after some mixing-&-matching of clans and generations) adapted in weird ways to late 80s/early 90s Miami (because me and the friend i co-STed with had a bunch of maps and tour guides at hand thanks to recent family trips to Florida). Weird Miami Vice and Twin Peaks references included.

    Recently messed a bit (a lot) with Chicago in an "all-methuselah game" involving Critias, Eletria, "Caine" (actually a Trujah ancient that diablerized the impostor from Berlin by Night, but got messed up fierce by the weird amulet), a rogue Inconnu Cappadocian called Magog (as Infitiore as one can be) and an ex-anathema (the Camarilla declared him destroyed in the early 90s) that might be the oldest Caitiff in activity. That said, it's a pretty crazy high-level chronicle and we have had problems ourselves to somewhat order the mess resulting of our most debacles - that resulted in the unintentional destruction of the Tal'Mahe'Ra's Underworld citadel (it was only meant to be a simple raid led by the Caitiff's brood...), the partial liberation of a Baali blood-god and a big fight with a surprised/paranoid Helena and lots of her puppets in Chicago's slaughterhouse district, resulting in her torpor among others.

    (Menele was mostly unaffected because he was still in torpor and decided that "NOPENOPENOPE" was the better part of valor, contacting the PCs after the mess mostly burned out)

    Of late i'm somewhat tempted to make something set in my own home city - Rio de Janeiro - that for good and for ill, has very, very sparse official material upon, but have been going slow with that.
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      Rio is one of the Camarilla cities featured in The Camarilla, FYI.

      Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


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        Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
        Rio is one of the Camarilla cities featured in The Camarilla, FYI.

        Might end up doing my own thing, but very good to know, should make a most engrossing read. Thanks.
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          Here's a summary of my update to Chicago by Night for 5E.

          1. The city was ruled by Prince Lodin (II) who is an homage to the Sabbat regent plot in that he's ACTUALLY a 12th generation Tzimisce named Paul Hernandez who escaped the Gehenna Crusade. Critias and the other Primogen put him up to be their catspaw and puppet-ruler, only for the half which knew he was a fake to be Beckoned and him becoming PRINCE FOR REAL. He's obnoxious and enjoyed the money, vessels, and petty cruelty working for the Camarilla guarantees.

          Eventually, he fled during an outbreak of an anti-Kindred disease and too many people knowing who he was.

          2. Juggler is the current head of the Anarchs in Chicago and fully intent on either leading them into a massive revolt that will get most of them slaughtered or betraying them outright. Having been heavily bribed by Lodin, he's been keeping them all placated with mindless platitudes and pointless targets while they've had their numbers thinned by conflict, exile, and other works. He is aware he can't ride this train forever but is happy to keep enjoying his 100,000K a month lifestyle.

          3. Rather than Prince, Kevin Jackson is planning on taking over the Anarchs. Realizing that he would never be accepted among the Camarilla and the Anarchs have the collective IQ of a bag full of hammers (in his opinion), he proceeded to start gathering his forces and infiltrating the group. He plans on making a formal takeover after he eliminates Capone. He's not sure whether he'll go "Baron", "Boss", "Chairman", or "President."

          4. Critias is currently held prisoner by the 2nd Inquisition and trying to talk his way out of it. His disappearance altered the power structure of Chicago significantly as it provided him with time to think about events in the city and realize his sire was present.

          Eventually, the PCs rescued him.

          5. Menele is actually still in Chicago while Helena has succumbed to the Beckoning. This has resulted in Menele planning to make it his "Third City." His sire is influencing his thoughts and warping his mind so that it's becoming increasingly unhinged as he's started to debate inviting the Baali to live in Chicago as well as working with werewolves. The Inconnu could help him but he'd have to leave everyone behind.

          6. Alphonse Capone was badly injured by the Second Inquisition but has ascended to the throne of Primogen and Clan head of the Ventrue. Unfortunately, his soul is sick of the relentless murder and chaos of recent nights with a woman he loved (or believed he did) being killed in a petty dispute. Alphonse desperately wants to get out of the intrigue of the Jhyad but has no idea how to do so.
          He's too recognizable an individual and the Ventrue clan too tight.

          7. The Second Inquisition is actually primarily taking the disguise in America with the Bureau of Public Health and Safety, which is a Department of Homeland Security section that pretends there's an outbreak of porphyria across the nation that they have to burn away. The organization is actually corrupt around Chicago and Lodin has an agent in it. However, agents are still gathering information in the city.

          8. Bobby Weatherbottom is making use of this time and his new Information Warfare company to prepare to destroy all their digital information (he's being aided by the Virtual Adepts who see this as a Technocracy weapon). He's also going to use his overt attack to hide Blood magic-enhanced spyware which will make it easier for Kindred to communicate.

          9. Maldavis has become the leader of the Circulatory System in Chicago, realizing that the best way to regain her power base is by feeding the many Kindred refugees currently in the city. This has involved her coming into conflict with other members of the group who are less scrupulous than she is, like Brett Stryker and her former friend Dickie who acquire vessels for Kindred without regard to the lives lost.

          The player characters eventually struck gold, acquiring a set of Technocracy vats designed to regulate human blood (for a plan to poison them) that they gave to her for a generous cut of the prophets. This has dramatically reduced the "carbon footprint" of Kindred in Chicago.

          10. Annabelle was so terrified of the Beckoning, she's taken to feeding on Thin Bloods in order to stave it off due to some snail oil sold her as a means of doing so. Ironically, she's shown no signs of needing it. The PCs eventually exposed this and got her enmity.
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          Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.