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(5E) What cities are you updating?

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  • Craig Oxbrow
    St. Louis, where I set a second edition game based on an encyclopedia entry having never been there, but twenty-six years later I have access to the internet (including a resident I can tap for information) so it might be a tad more accurate. I've also updated the vampire side of the setting to V5's uncertain political climate. It's a night's drive from Chicago (and a long night's from New Orleans) so it's once again the "gateway city" for Kindred because they can't rely on air travel. Camarilla, anarchs, the Church of Caine and other factions help or hinder vampires fleeing Chicago and other domains for various reasons.

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  • Pnizzle
    You can do your town you’re at now. I did LA. And now I’m in San Diego I am considering retconning my chronicle to here instead. I can get good pictures otherwise. Also researching the local area I can find weird stories and mysteries and tie them into the mythos.

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  • GMort
    Unfortunately seeing how I've updated Los Angeles involves reading this session write-up and the five afterwards...but if you have the time spare...

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  • CTPhipps
    In the current background of my Chicago by Night chronicle on these forums:

    Former Anarch Free States

    1. Los Angeles: The city has managed to reconstitute the Anarch Free States but they actually uneasily exist side by side with the Camarilla right next to them. Prince Strauss (6th generation Tremere) is ruling over the city but barely resisting the Beckoning as Jeanette Theresa Voorman serves as both peace-maker as well as agitator between him and Nines Rodriguez (Baron of L.A.). The truth is the city is big enough for both groups, especially since they drove out the Sabbat and the Kuei-jin aren't really interested in holding the territory beyond certain districts.

    Louis Fortier is very likely going to make a play for Prince as Strauss is barely keeping it together but this is badly timed as Strauss would probably hand over the job to him willingly. It's just Strauss would never give up what is seized versus given. Fortier is a "switch hitter" willing to work with Anarchs and Camailla equally, which bothers a lot of people. He's also being unduly influenced by his Sabbat "bride" that is half-mad from the fact the Sabbat have effectively failed as a sect.

    The Kuei-jin situation has changed due to the fact that 90% of the younger members of the race have realized they were sent as cannon-fodder to die in a pointless foreign quarrel so their elders could remove them from China, Japan, and other communities. With Ming Xiao dead, they are mostly cool with Anarch Cainites and the two groups have much in common with each other than either has with their Elders.

    Jenna Cross heads the Thin Blood Community in this region with the assistance of The Los Angeles Ripper, a Neonate infamous for tearing through the ranks of the undead two decades ago. The Ripper has been offered the job of Sheriff multiple times but serves as more a private detective and problem solver for Kindred.

    2. San Fransisco: Vanover Thomas has successfully reclaimed rulership of San Fransisco but the bloody, nasty, brutal siege resulted in the Second Inquisition stepping in. He survived it but the population of the city is less than a dozen Kindred now and he doesn't have the control over Silicon Valley that would make it worthwhile. As a result, he's actively considering moving to Los Angeles to overthrow Strauss who is perceived as unduly friendly with the Anarchs.

    3. San Diego: Tara is Prince of Sand Diego but the Camarilla no longer exists save as a shadow of her former self. It's caused her no end of humor as virtually everyone hates her and wants to see her dead on both sides of the conflict. She's activly begun taking in former Sabbat from the Lasombra and independent clans in order to strengthen her hold as a result while her humanity has dwindled. The Second Inquisition has identified her as a vampire but hasn't sent in any teams to take her out yet.


    1. Mexico City: The Second Inquisition, spearheaded by the Society of Leopold and something like one thousand Hunters led by their Messengers did battle in the streets of Mexico City with pretty much the entire Sabbat. The Masquerade more or less completely broke down for a few nights before Shaitan awoke and led an army of Baali, Black Spiral Dancers, and more to slaughter the humans.

    Then Lucifer appeared.

    What followed was an earthquake that was used to explain the deaths of 100,000 people in Mexico City and the city is still rebuilding from the devastation. What is known, however, is the city is no longer the WOD's version of Mordor.

    With the majority of the Sabbat having moved to the Middle East, only a handful of Kindred remain in the city and the city has a reputation of being cursed. Vampire hunters, demon hunters, and others are severely shaken by the loss of life with much question as to what is going to be built on the ashes of the old.
    The Garou of Mexico, mages, and Luciferian demons are settling in to power vacuum that emerged.

    Sadly, the Camarilla and Anarchs are both too banged up to make a actual attempt to retake the city after having the biggest cleansing of a city's supernaturals since, well, London.
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