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V5 - Clan of Death and Ravnos question

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    Thoughts on the Last Three Clans

    Now that we've got two models for introducing the remaining clans (1 - Sect book like Camarilla did for Banu Haqim and Anarchs did for the Ministry, 2 - by Night city sourcebook as Chicago by Night did for Lasombra), My proposed theory is that there will be a Sabat sect book to introduce the Tzimisce, and that there will either be an Independents sect book to introduce the Hecata and the Ravnos, OR there will be a Boston or Venice by Night to introduce the Hecata (both cities having strong Giovanni ties) and a by Night book focused on a place the surviving Ravnos are gathering to preserve their numbers (perhaps D.C. with its prince being a member of a now no longer fully Sabat clan? or L.A. where traditionally the Anarch Free States have drawn a number of non-Camarilla Kindred?)

    My personal hope is for the Hecata book to be created first (always been a huge fan of the Cappadocian Dark Ages clan and would love to see what shape the Clan of Death takes in V5 modern nights (ESPECIALLY what ritual aspects and new discipline powers are revealed as the focus of the Clan of Death in the new Oblivion Discipline introduced in Chicago by Night). There is a great thread in the forums looking at possible Hecata disciplines:
    I rather like the idea in that thread that there will be a mix of the previous edition's necromancy wielding clans' disciplines in the Hecata. Definitely Oblivion, with the other two being some combination of either Auspex or Dominate for a mental discipline and and either Fortitude or Potence for a physical one. Fortitude would be my vote for the physical as it ties in with the old Cappadocian idea of making the Kindred body as resilient as a true corpse. Dominate could have interesting applications as a prereq for amalgam Oblivion powers to command ghosts, while Auspex could grant prereqs for Oblivion powers to perceive more information about the dead, though that could also come from rituals attached to Oblivion.

    That said, I do know the Sabat book and the Gehenna War and the Beckoning it will undoubtedly discuss in greater detail are eagerly awaited by many fans (and hopefully let us know if Koldunic Sorcery exists in V5 in some form for clan Tzimisce and what powers will be created to represent Vicissitude in the 5th edition: personal thought - Vicissitude could be linked to Sabat Rites or Rituals attached to Protean given its focus on inhuman transmutation of flesh and bone, thus largely if not completely practiced by Sabat members of the Clan, while Koldunic Sorcery could largely be Rituals attached to the Protean Discipline since Meld into Earth and Mistform could definitely have Koldunic interpretations). Theorized Tzimisce clan disciplines: Auspex, Animalism, and either Protean or Dominate if Old Clan Tzimisce are still an option.

    I think we'll see the Ravnos Chimerstry Discipline appear in the form of new Obfuscate illusion powers, making their clan disciplines Animalism, Fortitude and Obfuscate.


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      THE HECATA ARE COMING!!!! in the podcast the Gentleman Gamer officially announces that Onyxpath will be writing Cults of the Blood Gods, which WILL INTRODUCE THE HECATA INTO VAMPIRE 5E!!!!! (also see )