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  • Half life merit

    I had considered throwing this in as a side plot involving the Giovanni vampires in the city. There was supposed to be 3 options for this. Either a half wraith shows up in town to harass the Giovanni. The Giovanni are actively hunting a half wraith they find out is in town. Or a half wraith is made by accident.

    In my story so far one player made a devil's deal with the Giovanni to resurrect some clansmen who fell in battle. So he had to find new bodies for them to inhabit. It was supposed to be a sinister scene. Now I'm guessing one of the NPCs could be those half wraith in question.

    Has anyone run this merit before in their campaign? Was there something that wasnt considered?

    This could introduce more plot lines involving stepping through the gauntlet.

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    Hrrm. Vampires don't really have such an easy time moving through the Gauntlet, I believe you only can through Astral Projection (Auspex) and that would just send you straight into High Umbra, while the half wraith moves into the Shadowlands. As far as I remember not even the Giovanni can enter the Dark Umbra, there's no discipline and no ritual to allow such a thing.

    I think you'd better keep the plot on the regular side of the Gauntlet as long as you're handling a Masquerade campaign, there would be little to none ways to reach the other side. If you're okay with having the Giovanni bind spectres and send them on the trail of the half-wraith when he's on the other side, though, it could work just fine. You could even give your players one ghost each and have them play as the servants that track the half wraith to force him back into the material world.