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I dreamed of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

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  • I dreamed of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

    I seriously did.

    The game started with you being embraced by a mysterious Kindred that leaves you abandoned in the streets. You are THE CAITIFF and everyone treats you with the appropriate amount of disdain, except you are ridiculously powerful for your age and state.

    The setting was Chicago with the first area being Gary, Chicago and basically the opening story arc being DUST TO DUST where you have to choose between Modius and Juggler to get the location of the Prince of Chicago to meet because your sire told you to meet them (and dominated you into it).
    You also met Evelyn and Alicia who were rebelling against their sires.

    Eventually, you get to Chicago and find Kevin Jackson is the Prince just in 5E and get involved in the usual politics of Anarch vs. Camarilla vs. Sabbat. Maldavis is waging a war against Jackson with Phillip Regard, Wendy, and Gordon Keaton as the Sabbat.

    However, the ending of the game has it revealed you are MENELE'S CHILDE and actually 5th Generation.

    Your final choices are:

    * Help Menele kill Helena and get rewarded with him leaving you to go join the Inconnu
    * Help Helena kill Menele and her rewarding you with making you her right hand, rich, powerful, and Prince or Primogen (depending on whether you kill Jackson)
    * Leave them both to fight it out like in The Bard's Tale with Carey Elwes.

    I am so disappointed this game doesn't exist.

    What would your Bloodlines 2 be?

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    We are currently playing Bloodlines 2 with my group! They are a Sabbat group sent by their spanish archbishop with two missions : 1) Find and destroy the sarcophagus (this is actually the optional part of the mission, if they can't then they should just give their intel to Mexico) and 2) Find the former Prince of the city and, if he is still alive, bring him back to Europe.

    The assumed ending is Camarilla, siding with Strauss, and the reason why the Archbishop wants Lacroix is because a powerful Ventrue defected to the Sabbat and he happens to be Lacroix's sire. When Lacroix stopped answering his letters, he sent a messenger who was sent back by Strauss without much intel, except Lacroix had betrayed the Camarilla. Now that he is Sabbat, f* the rules, he is going to know what happened to his child even if the whole city has to burn.

    Once in LA, the group must pretend they are Anarchs in order to fit in, and can get no help from the local Sabbat. They quickly got on a friendly footing with Nines Rodriguez who, six years after, is the only one in the city still calling for Lacroix's blood, since the promised "fair trial" never happened and Rodriguez still believe Lacroix plotted with Ming Xiao to frame him. They are currently using Therese's hotels as havens.

    Then they received a mysterious text giving them an adress as the "place to find Lacroix", from an unknown number (actually Jeanette who believes that bringing back Lacroix will create a difficult situation for Strauss and help her sister Therese make a bid to become prince). What Jeanette doesn't know is that Gary Goldman, who is aware Strauss made a Gargoyle, wants Strauss out and decided to steal the key to the sarcophagus to give it to the new comers and create conflict between Strauss and the Anarchs.

    They rescued Lacroix (who, oddly, looked... more or less okay with being kept in prison by the Tremere), who happens to be batshit crazy and speaks like the Malkavian PC, except when he wakes him during the day. After they spoke with him and the Tremere who was guarding him, the PCs are starting to understand that the whole Bloodlines 1 thing may be the game of a very powerful malkavian methuselah having fun. The methuselah is actually the cab driver, who isn't Caine but a 4th generation malk.