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Setting where Tremere eats Set not Saulot

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  • Setting where Tremere eats Set not Saulot

    In the next few months I hope to run a Vampire game. I am also considering changing the setting dynamics and metaplot, to make it surprising.
    One thing I am considering is that Tremere diableriezes Set, rather than Saulot. I'm still thinking about what this would do.
    What do you think?

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    My first thought was why would Set allow that to happen? The metaplot heavily implies that Saulot let Tremere diablerize him, so what would be the benefit for Set?


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      Nothing in the WoD goes according to plan for the big schemers. It didn't for Tremere, Saulot, Cappodocius, Augustus Giovanni, the Ferrymen, etc. So, whatever Set may have had in mind probably went south on him. Maybe he wanted to fake his own death long enough to fool Horus, Isis, and his host of other foes. Come to that, Horus, Isis and that host of foes probably helped Tremere on some level.
      Mostly, though, I want to keep the players guessing - players who can find the entire damn metaplot detailed with a google search.


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        The Salubri would probably remain a clan, either in the Camarilla or as Independants.

        No one liked the sethites anyway so no big changes for them.


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          Setites would have called a holy war on Tremere though, and being secretive, Blood magic wielding Clan used to warfare against an alliance of immortals, Mages, werecreatures Etc. This might be a huge problem for the Tremere especially if they still in this alternate world are in war with the Tzimisce, Gangrel and Nosferatu for both land, their self creation experiments and the creation, and experimentation leading to them, of the Gargoyles.

          While Setites have never been trusted or liked by majority of Clans they likely have dirt on enough to force some alliances to form against the Tremere and they aren’t crippled or made easy prey by Clan Weaknesses like the need to help or ban for inflicting harm like the Salubri were. So all in all depending on what you wish for your setting this might lead to many different paths.

          Salubri are likely still a Clan. They will either belong to the Camarilla or be independent whichever suits your plans better.

          Setites might still be a Clan or not as you decide, they might have turned the other Clans upon the Tremere or not again as suits your chronicle but they certainly would not have been as easy to decimate as the Salubri were.

          Tremere would be hard pressed to fight a war against two mystically proficient Clans, Tzimisce and Setites, the latter of which despite their power base being quite far from Ceoris would be highly organized and both able and willing to use the Tremere weapons of misinformation and defamation to turn others against the Tremere. This could lead to Tremere influence being far less than it is currently. They might not be even regognized as a Clan but remain usurpers hated and hunters by all or they could gain allies from the nascent anarch movement and end up in the Sabbat, they have killed an Antediluvian afterall.

          The important thing here is that the Setites are far less likely to just lay down and die like the Salubri did and they have experience fighting wars on multiple fronts against supernatural beings of all sorts. They are also wellknown for information gathering and recruiting new believers and for not fighting fairly. So the Tremere could end up on the loosing side in this timeline should you so wish for your chronicle. The point is that it would be the Setites holy mission to wipe the Tremere from this world and reclaim the Blood and power they stole.


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            This is an interesting idea - sort of an alternate history 'What if?' style approach!

            Well, i'd have things play out mostly the same as before regarding Gargoyles, Eastern Europe war and proving useful to the burgeoning Camarilla against the Anarchs. A big change would be Tremere himself and how the Setites react. Rather than all out war, or a smear campaign, how about a joining of forces - a merging of the clans? Maybe rather than the war of Souls Tremere had with Saulot, they join more cleanly - Tremere recognises the Setites are sorcerers too, that they have millennia of knowledge that could be mined. The Setites, used to having a dead God, one that resurrects themselves, sees in Tremere a new, Active form of their own God - in turn they start to worship him, lending their services and expertise. We've already got Typhon Set, and other versions to - why not Tremere Set? plus, they're already set up as a Pyramid - this stuff writes itself!

            This could also have an impact in the Transylvania Wars - a whole established clan lending their might to that of the Tremere (the Wepawet!) would impact that a lot. What if the Setites volunteered to be made into Gargoyles too? a new breed of them - more like the Egyptian statues (Ushabti) or even Mummies (not the other WoD ones mind you).

            When they eventually leave Ceoris, rather than Vienna, perhaps they set up head Chantry in Alexandria? Perhaps it's not Goratrix that goes rogue, it's Etrius, or Meerlinda? When they join the Camarilla, maybe the Setites also join - that is assuming they are still distinct clans rather than one big, happy Family! if they join, who else might not - certainly not the Salubri, but perhaps, they change purpose too - a reaction to these new 'Devil Kindred'. The setites have always seemed like Baali lite to me - maybe this huge influx of power sends the Unicorns over the edge and they take up arms and declare holy war. It would be interesting if this behavior turned them to the Sabbat earlier, maybe even turned them into what the Tremere have always said they are - soul stealing bastards.The Tremere/Setites still curse the Assamites, but perhaps the Salubri too!

            it's a very interesting thought experiment!


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              I will probably move the setting of Ceoris from Transylvania to the north eastern region of the nation of Georgia. But having the new headquarters in someplace like Alexandria is interesting. I like the idea. Thanks.

              As I am developing Set's plan, it ties it some other ways I will be changing the FoS and the Tzimisce.


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                Setites have no clue of where Set is. If the Tremere diablerized a torpid antediluvian they chanced upon in the pursuit of further hermetic lore, none would be the wiser. As far as the Setites are concerned, Set is still wherever they think he may be (probably in the Duat). As far as the Tremere are concerned, they now have a leader strong enough to try to get recognition from the other clans. As far as the other clans are concerned, the Tremere are a new clan of blood magicians who somehow - maybe through magic, maybe through diablerizing some unknown antediluvian (no clan has any interest in claiming it was THEIR antediluvian, as that would weaken them more than the Tremere) - has gotten to 3rd gen power - kind of... Still no millennia of experience.
                How the wars in Eastern Europe and then the birth of Camarilla and Sabbat play out at this point is up to the Storyteller. It may even be worth it to run a chronicle set in those years, to see what the PCs favour.

                On a side note: I just realized I actually don't like the Salubri and Saulot at all. Guess they are not going to be part of my metaplot anymore. XD


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                  Originally posted by Hermeticus View Post
                  Setites have no clue of where Set is.
                  Nasch the Circassian found Set, for reasons, and attempted to diablerize him. It did not go according to plan. If I have to worry about how Tremere found Set, I will probably kick involve Nasch and kick him back in the time line a couple of centuries. And Nasch the Circassian will become Nasch the Bozard, for reasons.

                  In anycase, a lot of this will happen off stage. And it happens because I find the Settites as presented to be dull - duller than the Tremere and Saulbri at any rate. There are other vampire clans and groups which fulfill the "cackling evil corrupter" slot. So it is a way for me to change the spread of the clans available. The resulting Tremere will be different, and have a darkly Ancient Egyptian theme to them and the magic they use. And possibly a Lovecrftian feel as well.


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                    One of the posible endings of beckett jyhad diary involves Suketh awakening from torpor thanks to beckett and taking control of the clan demanding to the members the expulsion of all the other clans from North Africa.He doesnt do nothing while his clanmates and progeny start diying left and right eventually the followers of set decide to not obey his antediluvian and declare themselves the children of the revolution stopping to adore suketh who decides to slip into darkness as a puppet master.

                    Suketh level 10 discipline is being a dick to the point even his clan ignores him but the point of this is that the clan of the serpent won´t stop fighting for their survival unlike the salubri who tecnically choose to be defeated by not fightin back.The tremere will be dommed but sukhet may succed getting a new corpse and his clan attaining more power by expanding their influence in europe to deal with the tremere usurpators.

                    I can see the followers of set becoming in the future the camarilla substitute to the tremere offering blood magic services and spiritual enlighment making the paths of enlighment more habitual in the camarilla.They also offer help to kindred who indulge in their vices acting as some king of church of the camarilla.Suketh propaganda is used to counter the caine propaganda from the sabbat (who knows the true about the true dark father after all).

                    The another option is the Followers of set not beating the Tremere (wich is highly imposible) and becoming members of the sabbat , less obsessed with caine but still hypocrite and more obsessed with the idea of killing the elders and antediluvians.The salubri will enter in the camarilla thanks to the tremere not starting any propaganda against them and keeping their alliances with the ventrue along the apreciation of all the other clans.

                    Originally posted by Grumpy RPG Reviews View Post
                    In anycase, a lot of this will happen off stage. And it happens because I find the Settites as presented to be dull - duller than the Tremere and Saulbri at any rate. There are other vampire clans and groups which fulfill the "cackling evil corrupter" slot. So it is a way for me to change the spread of the clans available. The resulting Tremere will be different, and have a darkly Ancient Egyptian theme to them and the magic they use. And possibly a Lovecrftian feel as well.
                    I always refered to the settites as a gangrel bloodline in masquerade , a mekhet one if i am using requiem.Makes things better and eliminates the sterotyped extra clans while keeping the content.
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                      If I am able to go forward with the campaign I have in mind, the Camarilla will be home to its traditional clans, as well as Old Clan Tzimisce, Lesombra antitribu, Salubri, remnant Cappadocians, and the Banu Haqim. The Sabbat is home to the full spread of clans, including Salubri antitribu, Harbingers of Skulls, and remnant Settites.

                      The Tzimisce have less antipathy toward the Tremere in this scenario because I am moving Ceoris to the kingdom of Georgia, which is at the edge of the Fiends territory.