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Homebrewed Fifth Edition True Brujah.

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  • Homebrewed Fifth Edition True Brujah.

    True Brujah

    The Clan of the Learned,
    The Unfeeling

    The Return.
    By Blake Tychus, True Brujah once born in France , now residing in Minas Gerais, Brazil

    The “Return” is what they are calling our entrance to Kindred society. It makes even someone like me laugh, the sheer irony of it all. How can we return if we never left? Something else I find amusing is the respect they show us, even the acephalous younglings seem to understand what we can do to them. I forgot how good it feels to have a good laugh about the world. You would be surprised about how many usually hot-headed and merciless vampires will bow down or maybe even grovel at you when they believe you can go back in time and prevent them from being born. A lie, of course, and no I don’t feel guilty about it. After all the “Brujah” have lied to all of the Vampiric World and they never got theirs,oh but they will, soon enough they will…

    His name was Illyes, the real owner of the name “Brujah” a name he gifted to his childer Illyes. And he was marvelous! A being of pure intellect, not unmarred by the horrifying Beast we all carry, but the master of it. He sired many childer just as brilliant as himself. But all good things must come to an end, and then the illogical, ridiculous buffoon Troile was sired, and nothing was ever the same. Troile destroyed our founder and tried to erase us forever! To replace us with his despicable spawn. But was Troile’s rage against Illyes’s intellect? We allowed Troile’s bloodline to steal our name and prestige? Why? Because we knew or time would come, we are the masters of time after all and now it has come. And the True Brujah will take their true place into the Night, and our Utopia will be greater than any Carthage or Enoch!
    Who are the
    True Brujah?

    The True Clan of the Learned has always something new to Learn. They seek exceptional mortals, mortals who can truly add something to the clan’s breadth of knowledge. Rarely are passion embraces allowed. Hell, who has ever even heard of a passionate Scholar? No, the True Brujah are elitists to the core. They don’t care nothing for mortal definitions of what makes someone worthy, they have their ow definitions. Artists, scientists, Inventors, explorers and more all find a way into the Clan. Now that the Clan has increased it’s numbers and now stands as a brand new Independent Clan, Owning no allegiance except to themselves, their breath of knowledge will grow once more.

    The True Brujah in Kindred Society.

    There were once 4 Independent Clans, but things change. The inexorable pull of time swallowing the status quo like the Ouroboro’s tail. The Banu Haqim are now Camarilla, The Setites are now Anarchs. The Ravnos are barely even here anymore and the Hecata? Will,will we see what the Hecata does. The True Brujah hav seized this new now unused place on Vampiric society,the place of a Clan who owes allegiance to no sect, just themselves. Living in penthouses, Mansions even castles. They have just enough power, Financial, Political, Social and Supernatural to gather respect from all others. The fact they came out of fucking nowhere helps too.

    The True Brujah in Kindred Society.
    Mortals have changed the world a lot in the last century. Bit by bit,they have turned this ball of mud into a place that soon can house a Utopia. They just need a Nudge. The Unfeeling are happy, as so far as anything make them Happy, to provide that Nudge. They infiltrate themselves in charity organizations, in companies and governments. All in search of Knowledge, for they believe mankind can and will find all the secrets f the Universe and when they do. The Brujah will take the knowledge and rule mankind rightfully ,that’s the only utopia they seek

    The Sins of the True Brujah.
    For all they talk of creating a Utopia, the unfeeling rarely realize they need emotions to enjoy their utopia. No suffering, poverty or injustice is all well and good. But when you are a vampire, it becomes kinda of pointless when you can’t just let go and bash someone head in for fun. That’s wat the Brujah forgot and Troile’s brood didn’t the value of Passion.
    The True Brujah don’t want to better their emotional states, they are satisfied on being On being Unfeeling Drones. Their Sin is Sloth.

    True Brujah Archetypes.

    The explorer wants to discover. It doesn’t matter what,he just wants to know more!

    Independent as they are, sometimes a True Brujah just needs to talk to the other sects. That’s when the envoy comes in! When they need to use the savagery of the sabbat, the sneakiness of the anarchs,or the bulk of the camarilla. That’s when the Envoy shines!

    Presence: A teacher needs charisma to gather is students attention, same for scientists and philosophers with the power of swaying the emotions they themselves lack. The

    Unfeeling can spark feelings on another’s heart.
    Potence: Sometimes,Diplomacy fails,dialogue fails. That’s when the great strength of the Scholas comes. They use it to end conflicts quickly and decisively.

    Temporis: With the power of manipulation of Time itself, nothing, not even the dead can escape the True Brujah curiosity. With Temporis they can remember the past and predict the future and rule the present better than anyone else.

    True Brujah Clan Compulsion:
    The True Brujah must know, simple as that. The compulsion forces them to try and uncover hidden knowledge for a scene. They suffer three dice of any rolls not made to uncover something they didn’t know before.

    The unfeeling stage of the true brujah can make them ignore the stains on their souls, but their souls is there yet,the stains are there two. When they acquire a Stain,they get one extra Stains equal to a third of their Bane Severity,rounded down

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    Well done. One question about their Bane. Do they suffer no flaw at blood potency 1 and 2? They both round down to zero.


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      Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
      Well done. One question about their Bane. Do they suffer no flaw at blood potency 1 and 2? They both round down to zero.
      oh dang it,i meant rounded up! lemme fix it. thanks


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        Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
        Well done. One question about their Bane. Do they suffer no flaw at blood potency 1 and 2? They both round down to zero.
        oh dang it,i meant rounded up! lemme fix it. thanks


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          Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
          Well done. One question about their Bane. Do they suffer no flaw at blood potency 1 and 2? They both round down to zero.
          Say,what did you think of they going indepedent instead of joining a Sect?


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            Well, they, for all intents and purposes, were Independent in V20. Sure, a few hovered on the outer edges of the Camarilla, but as a matter of bloodline-wide policy, they had not devoted themselves to any one sect.

            The only sect in which they had a significant presence was the True Hand. Unfortunately, being one of many lines in the smallest of the sects was unlikely to involve anything near a majority of the line.

            From V20, p412:
            Sect: The Sages have become more or less independent. They follow the Camarilla’s rules when in their cities, and avoid the Sabbat lest they become pressed into service or destroyed. While it isn’t impossible for a True Brujah to join the Sword of Caine, most of them can’t summon up the necessary fervor.


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              It is good to see a write-up done for the True Brujah in V5. They are one of my favorite Clans / Bloodlines, and definitely my favorite independent Vampire Clan / Bloodline. I like how they interact and mingle, to an extent, with Vampires not of their Bloodline ; in contrast to the other independent Clans and Bloodlines, who keep to themselves. The fact that they contributed a lot to the Tal'Mahe'Ra sect throughout it's history is interesting and intriguing.