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A Novel Experience - part I (Old shit)

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  • A Novel Experience - part I (Old shit)

    (On demand, excerpts from TT sessions that took place in 2001 written for the White Wolf Forums)

    Part I

    I'm doing an all Ventrue Chronicle (as some of you may know) in which my otherwise twinkyish players are playing schemers and manipulaters for a change ... at least that was the general idea. The 4 players share Innsbruch in 1476 as 4 Ventrue Princes - the main plot is for them to gain influence on mortal society through income and bloodbonds. They had been doing fairly well when one of them got greedy and wanted to get in on the weapons/arms marked a yearly profit of 10.000 Crowns. The idea wasn't at all bad and I even encouraged them to carry it out ... however, as always my experienced player (Player1) was to set up the plan - something he takes great pleasure in doing - but he considered the blacksmith/merchant a remote threat so they simply decided to contact him all 4 of them in person ... I think they thought that they could bully him ... subtlety not being one of their stronger virtues:

    Blacksmith (opening the door): May I help you?

    Player1: Are you the one getting loaded from the armors and shit?

    Me: You do know you're still in the street, right?

    Player2: Is anyone listening in on it? Because if they are, I'm gonna ...

    Me: Let me see; a templar, a skinny scholar, a dandy queer and a lumber jack all shouting about money in the middle of the street at 11 o'clock in the evening? Yes.

    Player1: Alright, alright! May we come inside and discuss some serious matters for a moment?

    Blacksmith: Who are you?

    Player1: We are merchants who have something that would interest you.

    Blacksmith (staring at them): Right ... and what might that be?

    Player3: Look, is he gonna let us in or not?

    Player4: Kick him in the bollocks!

    Player1: I slap him in the face ... to teach him some manners.

    Me: Hmmm ... all right, roll damage.

    Player1: There! 7-2-4.

    Me: You slap him, but he doesn't seem to take any damage from it.

    Player1: Dammit, Vince! You see? This is what happens when I don't have Potence.

    Me: The big angry man sets his enormous hairy arm in position for a heavy and devastating punch and ...

    Player1: Yeah, yeah, we get the picture. Let him at it.

    Me: He has 4 successes on his damage roll ... soak.

    Player1: Bugger! I botch.

    Me: You feel your cheekbone cave in and you lose consciousness.

    Player2: Let me at it! Let's see how he likes Dominate.

    Player4: Well, you only have one dot in Dominate.

    Player2: Doesn't matter. I look him in the eyes and say: 'Let us into the house and give me your money!'

    Me: At Dominate 1 you can only use one-word commands.

    Player2: Alright. 'Money!'

    Me: Ei?

    Player2: Yeah, I want those 10 grands he's got in there.

    Me: Look, maybe I didn't explain ...

    Player3: Gods, this is stupid. I run my sword through him.

    Me: He falls bleeding to the floor, shouting for help.

    Player3: Ha! In your face, tosser!

    Player2: I snatch his purse. How much's in it?

    Me: 3 Crowns.

    Player2: 3 Crowns? But I thought you said ...

    Me: You know perfectly well what I said. A bit further down the street a couple of city guards are rushing in your direction.

    Player4: Ah crap! Quick, grab the scholar and let's get the hell out of here.


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      Part II
      The 4 Princes' assignment was to strengthen Innsbruch against an attack from the east. Innsbruch being the only link between Venice and München had a high priority, hence they were told to keep the city at any cost. From foreign sources they'd gathered that a vast Tzimisce army - lead by Noriz, The Corrupter of Legions - was heading their way. A couple of weeks before Kupala's Night a small host of 13 Revenants came to Innsbruch. They knew that something was bound to happen on that night, so they summoned the 13 guests to Elysium ... this was an important test of their skills in diplomacy and etiquette, and I had a bad feeling about how it would turn out:

      (The 13 entering the hall - all dressed in long black robes and all with unnatural and grave faces)

      Player1: Hmm ... maybe you should talk to them, O great templar (looking at Player2).

      Player2: Eh? Why me?

      Player1: 'Cause you're the authority around here.

      Player2: But I thought you said that you were in charge of interviewing newcomers.

      Player1: Newcomers who are gonna stay permanently - not guests. This isn't my department.

      Player3: You're just scared of 'em.

      Player4: Yeah, you always wanna be the boss, so deal with it.

      Me: Guys, you do realize that they're standing right in front of you, right?

      Player1: Alright, alright ... ehm, so you guys are Tzimisce, right?

      Revenant: No, we are Revenants.

      Player2: Ah man, they're probably even worse than the actual Fiends.

      Player3: Ask 'em what generation they are.

      Player1: So what's your business here in Innsbruch?

      Revenant: We represent the Brilliant Noriz, The Corr ...

      Player4: Hang on! He's the guy we're gonna diablorize.

      Player1: Shhhh! ... eh ... so is he coming as well?

      Revenat: He will ... in a few weekstime. In the meanwhile, he has commanded us to bring you gifts as a token of ...

      Player2: Gifts? That's more like it. What've you got for us?

      (They bring forth a chest full of gold and gems)

      Player3: Hurrah! We're rich!

      Player1: How much is there?

      Me: Do you start counting it now?

      Player1: Hell yes!

      Revenant: Ahem ... if you have no further need for us, may we leave?

      Player1 (occupied with the gold): Wha? Yeah, yeah, you may leave. Just remember not to summon any Demons.

      Player4: Yeah, and don't kill anyone unless you really have to.

      (They leave)

      Player3: Hmm ... they seemed nice enough ... how much is there?

      Me: You estimate it to about 8000-10,000 Crowns.

      Player4: Yes! ... hmm ... maybe we should make it mandatory for all guests to bring us 10,000 Crowns?

      Me: *sigh*