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    Hi everone,

    right now i try to make my storyteller life a little bit easier. I am building a charakter/npc database in filemaker.
    I was just adding clans and i noticed that not every "clan" has its own logo.
    Caitiff, Thin Bloods and the Ministry don´t have a dedicated logo.
    I´ll try to just create one, i guess, because i like to show a clanlogo next to each characters portrait.
    Did anyone notice that? Is there someone who did that already? (Im not to good with creating logos...)

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    Well, Caitiffs and Thin Bloods are dictated by their lack of clan structure, for the most part. It would make sense for them to lack a symbol. Though, there is a symbol for Thin Blood Alchemy starting on page 283 you might use for them. And assumedly you'd can use the old Setite one for them.


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      For Caitiff, you could use the tilted ankh, as found in the V20 Companion and on the White Wolf wiki.

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        So only Ministry is missing. Ok... maybe i just use the old setite logo till something better comes up


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          Originally posted by charley2020 View Post
          So only Ministry is missing. Ok... maybe i just use the old setite logo till something better comes up
          We now have the Ministry logo (second picture), which looks like a more stylised version of their original.

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            I need a HQ version of that Ministry one.


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              Ravnos, Tzimisce and Hecate symbols remain to be seen.


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                So I made one. It's not perfect, but it's enlarged and (mostly) smoothed out and in the vein of the other clan symbols. Pick it apart, use it, whatevs.



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                  I went ahead and did my own expansion of the Settite logo, using vectors for crisp lines, and making sure it scaled up to the standard 500px dimensions of the symbols found on the Wiki. It's in .PNG format with transparency, so hopefully you'll have no trouble using it for whatever purpose you like!

                  (Ugh, I'm apparently unable to upload it directly. Here's a direct Imgur link to the image.)

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                    Who exactly uses these symbols? I thought that the Ministry was trying to distance themselves from imagery of Set, hence rebranding themselves "the Ministry".