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[V5] Advantages for Mortals?

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  • [V5] Advantages for Mortals?

    I’m starting a new V5 chronicle. One of my players has bought a 3-dot Retainer, a ghoul, and wants to know if there are mortal-specific Advantages other than the vampire-focused ones in the V5 book. Has anyone thought about this yet? Thanks.

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    Hmm,I an see two options. You could give the mortal true faith,but a modified version of true faith,instead of faith in a higher power, the ghoul has Faith in its vampiric master. Mechanically speakinhg,it works the same as anyone with TF,but it doesn't work on the Ghouls master
    or you could simply give the player permission for the Ghouls to have higher stats than the average mortal


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      Well, a level 3 Retainer means they are written up like a Gifted Mortal, but they're a Ghoul so they get access to Disciplines. As a Gifted Mortal I argue the strength is that they actually get Advantages (10 points no less) and they get Specialties in Skills. So I would argue their mortal-specific advantage is really just that they can go out during the day and perform tasks that maybe their Kindred could not. But they are useful in that they can also focus on skills and advantages that their Kindred may lack in, like Academic Research, Hacking, Driving, etc. I tend to view Retainers as doing what my character could not necessarily do themselves, or at least that would be tasking to do, and in this case they have the best of the best helping them.

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