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    Putting together a timeline of events for my own game, and I thought I would share what I had. Input would be appreciated, as I know I missed things.

    2002 - Admiral Poindexter takes control of the Information Awareness Office. He greenlights a number of DARPA initiatives intended to help expose and combat supernatural threats.

    2003 - Felicity Price of the C.I.A. heads up project FIRSTLIGHT.

    - the Camarilla feeds information about the Sabbat to government agencies, using them to help burn out the Camarilla's rival sect.

    2004 - the NSA discovers and penetrates SchreckNET

    2004 - the Eighth Direction in Russia joins what will come to be called the Second Inquisition. Members include the Newburgh Group from England, BOES in Brazil, and the Society of St. Leopold

    2004 - The Red Question releases the first version of their manifesto

    2005 - F.B.I. Special Affairs Division is resurrected due to the work of FIRSTLIGHT. Retired members of Project Twilight are brought in out of retirement to advise.

    [2005 - conjecture - the Sabbat begin the slow migration to the middle east that will be known as the Gehenna Crusade. The year was chosen to coincide with Gehenna from the Revised edition and from contextual clues. Sabbat cities slowly empty out over the span of the next decade]

    2006 - Anarchs Unbound is officially banned by the Camarilla, and dire warnings are issued about sect members mingling with the Red Question

    2006 - British anti-terror unit SO13 begins the sterilization of London. This will continue for the next seven years.

    - French units begin exterminating vampires in Paris, causing the Camarilla court to flee the domain

    - Camarilla elders begin to feed information about Anarch holdings as well Sabbat in an attempt to deflect attention from their own domains.

    2007 - The Red Question deal directly with Camarilla Justicars; the next day the 2007 financial collapse begins

    2007 - Marcus Questor becomes the agent in charge of the Special Affairs Division, and his ties to the IAO aid in securing intelligence of the blank body phenomenon,

    2008 - a joint SOCOM task force destroys the Tremere Prime Chantry, decapitating the Tremere pyramid and purging Vienna of Kindred

    - Carna begins her flight across the United States, spreading word of what she has learned from The Book of the Grave War to her followers

    - Anarchs take the opportunity to conquer several weak Camarilla domains

    2010 - video leaks to vampire websites showing a member of the Red Question poisoning a Tremere rival in 2001. It is the last highly publicized act of the Red Question.

    2010 - The Conclave of Galloway convenes; it is decided to ban the Anarchs from membership in the Camarilla, remaking the organization into something exclusively for the vampire elite and their chosen brethren.

    2011 - Meeting of the Camarilla inner council chooses a new slate of Justicars, elevating Lucinde to Ventrue Justicar for Unlife.

    2012 - Simultaneous conclaves are held in Chicago and Prague. Theo Bell assassinates Hardestadt (and possibly Jan Pieterzoon) at the Prague Conclave. The Brujah formally leave the Camarilla.

    2013 - Queen Ann is decapitated in London, effectively concluding the sterilization of the city

    - the Camarilla meets with the Banu Haqim and the Setite Ministry on the same night to weigh the merits of admission into the Camarilla. The Ministry meeting ends prematurely when a bomb levels the hotel where the dignitaries are convening. This results in the Banu Haqim being admitted.

    - the Camarilla takes Mexico city

    2017 - massive slaughter in Berlin stretches the Masquerade to the breaking point. Berlin becomes an Anarch domain after the Prince is destroyed in the street.

    2018 - *current* as of the publication of V5
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    Thanks for the summary from V5 timeline.

    The Prague Conclave where Theo Bell kill Hardestadt is set in 2012 in Camarilla book and Corebook V5 in Hardestadt loresheet(I don't have Anarch book)


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      Thanks! I've edited that into the timeline.


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        Is the CIA Felicity Price the same as the NSA Felicity Price ?


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          The Camarilla takes Mexico City?

          Why not eliminate the whole of the Sabbat while you are at it?


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            Originally posted by Herbert_West View Post
            The Camarilla takes Mexico City?

            Why not eliminate the whole of the Sabbat while you are at it?
            If you can visit the Sabbat then they're hardly mysterious and alien aren't they?

            But yes, good fodder for PCs to retake the city.

            I'm annoyed it's not an Anarch domain, though.

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              Thanks for this, really helpful.

              Have any of you integrated retroactive events to Chronicles taking place currently? How did you do it? *Poof* method, as in, it was always like that? It happened but nobody noticed before? Changed the timeline?