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    Well, they could just as easily be allies - and i suspect they will be for a long time, however it'll inevitably allies at a cost. So if the players want to keep them as friends then that's great - however aligning themselves to the Serpents will cause inevitable other issues. Of course, aligning against them will do to.. i can't see a world in which it doesn't end up going badly for one reason or another, but i've not made a concrete decision that they are the 'Bad Guys' of the story, just that they are bad guys in the story.

    The city they're playing in (New Orleans) has a lot going on - i've 3 major themes that i want to hit on over the chronicle - Decadence, Death and Faith. The ministry will cross over with others theme wise, but they will help represent Decadence and Faith. Now, i've also got another religious Group in the City (yet to be introduced) so the players will ally with one faction or another in some shape or form - now, will that be the Consumptionist Camarilla that will have recently changed form all inclusive Old School Camarilla to Fascist Golf Club that has benefited the Players well, or will it be the Anarchs that will get help from the snakes. For each of my central themes i want to have opposing groups that each still represent that aspect. that way my players still get to experience the overall arc, but aren't railroaded into an act. it'll be the same with Death - there will be competing entities that will draw them in. Whilst i'll always have one aspect that the players are introduced to first, and thus might be the obvious place for their loyalties to lie, the opposing position should have just as many advantages as flaws - i want each decision to hurt, and to have a cost associated in some shape or form.