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  • Impale in V5

    I do not know if I understood correctly the rule to impale.
    The attacker performs an attack test, he obtains 7 successes, effectively he would cause 7 damage but as this attacking another vampire this damage and reduced to 4.
    Is the target still impaled?

    Let's say the attacker has scored 5 hits and deals 3 damage to the vampire target, yet the target is impaled too?

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    For a combat staking, the hunter must make a called shot at a -2 penalty and inflict 5 points or more of damage of either type (before halving).
    Yes to both. The damage considered for whether or not a staking works is calculated pre-halving.


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      Their are a couple of other considerations in a V5 Conflict:

      1. The test is opposed, typically by another action if in melee or natural dodge if ranged. You only do damage equal to your margin plus the items damage modifier. So +0 for a stake but +2 for a crossbow bolt.
      2. The called shot penalty is taken when the test is rolled so you lose 2 success from your roll not 2 damage from the result.
      3. the damage must be 5 or more before halving so you may not do as much damage but still get the stake to set and

      The GM goes around the table and asks what everyone is wishing to do for the turn. Jeffrey declares that he is going to impale Billy with his stake. Billy declares he is going to front kick Jeffrey back a few paces. Sandra declares that she is going to shoot her crossbow at Mike wanting to impale him and Mike declares he is going to close distance with Sandra and grab her. Since Sandra is a bit away from Mike the ST declares that the movement would be a minor action and cost Mike on dice from his pool on resolution.

      After decelerations we move to resolution. Since Jeffrey and Billy are already locked in combat they will go first. Ranged attacks such as Sandra go next and then new close combats like Mikes go last.

      Both Jeffrey and Billy put their pools together and roll Jeffrey gets 5 success but must subtract the called shot making his final total 3. Billy only gets 2 success so Jeffrey wins the conflict by 1 and deals 1 superficial damage to Billy (margin of 1 + Item modifier of 0 divided by 2 for it being superficial). Since Jefferey only did 1 damage to Billy the ST describes the stake digging into billy leg as he goes to kick, missing the original mark of the heart but keeping the kick from landing as they continue to dance. The ST can take some liberties in describing the outcomes to make it more realistic for the actions taken. V5 makes combats a bit faster as both Billy and Jefferey's actions where resolved at the same time. This is not always the case but can be.

      Next we resolve ranged conflicts. If Mike had drawn his gun and shot at Sandra we would just resolve both actions at the same time as a two-sided conflict but mike wanted to do something else that would take place latter in the initiative so we still resolve the action as a one sided conflict. Sandra's shot against Mike's Dexterity + Athletics. Cover modifies the defense pool and since Mike is making a run at Sandra he will get a -2 penalty for being out in the open. Sandra get 7 success on her test but since it is a called shot her final pool is 5. Mike scores 2 success and Sandra wins the conflict with a margin of 3 which would deal 5 damage before halving since the crossbow has a +2 damage modifier. This s enough to impale Mike and after halving the damage he will take 3 superficial and fall to the ground with and bolt in his heart. This means Mike losses his action due to being impaled.

      If Mike was not impaled he would be able to take his action next as it is a newly initiated combat. He would have rolled his Strength + Brawl with one less dice due to the minor action as a one-sided conflict since Sandra's Action had already taken place which would be Dexterity + Athletics.