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  • Lost Clans, Amalgams, Bloodline and

    So I was having a thought on the new state of disciplines for the clans that have had their elders destroyed. Thinking of like the various Clans of Death, Ravnos, Salubri and others.

    What if the loss/change of their clan founder has a substantial impact on the powers of that blood lineage. Much like how Necromancy has been folded into Oblivion, and some other powers have been subsumed into sub powers or amalgams of others.

    I could see some of the bloodline powers being put together as Alchemies or as Amalgams or some of their other clan powers. I may put together some more detail on this in the upcoming.

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    Some examples:

    Mytherceria - Sub powers or Amalgam offshoot of Oblivion, keying off of interactions with other worlds/states of being.
    Obeah/Valeren - Some of these could be sub powers of Auspex (Sense Vitality), Fortitude (Healing or barrier powers), or even Animalism/Protean (Manipulating the Beast, though this could be an Alchemy one).
    Bardo - Alchemy powers if used at all.
    Temporis - I imagine that this will get subsumed into Celerity, perhaps with specification that if you take certain "Temporis" variants, you can not learn the alternate "Celerity" versions.
    Melpominee - Offshoots of Presence and Dominate, possibly Auspex for powers that change other's perceptions, like throwing your voice.
    Visceratika - Could be its own power, could be Blood Magic path, could be offshoot/amalgams.
    Abombwe - Offshoot/Amalgam of Animalism, Protean, some Auspex and some others.

    Just a few basic thoughts to get the ball rolling.


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      I really hope that they do not start with all these bloodlines, keep them in V20.


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        I don't see them bringing them back in any major way, but I could see a book like the Translation guides that were done for Masquerade<->Requiem. For people that like V5 system stuff, but want to play a more historical game.


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          Yeah, I don't think much is going to be done with Bloodlines, if at all, until after all the Clans are released based on what the Gentleman Gamer (I believe it was) said about them some months back. I think if/when they do bring in Bloodlines we'll see them maintaining their Disciplines for the most part as I think the Clans were the ones that were meant to be more normalized in their Disciplines and Bloodlines are supposed to be extremely hyperfocused in who and what they are. That being said, I'm still going back and forth on whether I'd like to see Temporis as a Celerity variant set of powers or not.

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