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  • Samples of play for V5

    Can someone provide a link to a clear example of V5 play? It can be text or an actual play recording so long as it is easy to follow. Thanks.

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    This series gives a good example of play with an inexperienced group. It starts immediately after V5 was released. Both the ST and players were trying to figure things out. There are even a few points when they, as a group, exclaim, "Wow, this game is awesome, but it's so confusing. I can't find the page for anything."

    It's not the most polished game-play. (Somebody should explain to the ST that there are social skills other than Performance.) Sometimes, though, watching an inexperienced group muddle through the rules can be more instructive than watching a more technically proficient group make things look easier than they are.

    Over time, of course, their knowledge of the system improves.


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      I would also check out Geek and Sundry's LA by night and Roll4it's Sounds of Silence.

      I am currently working on a video series that will go through the game play of various games and I plan on starting with V5. I am running a game now and getting a lot of experience with the system through doing so and it was a bit daunting at first. That is why I think a video guide will be good. It is a bit of a way off for the videos, but I would be happy to give examples of play on anything that you may be wanting examples of. It would even help me if you did as I will know what it is that people would like to see for when we start filming.