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Thin Blooded and Alchemy

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  • Thin Blooded and Alchemy

    So, despite having owned the core V5 book since September or so, i've only just read the part about Alchemy. I can only assume this Grievous oversight is because, just like the camarilla i'd written off Thin Bloods as weak and not even worth understanding.

    More fool me!

    Now, will they ever be as potent as a full blood? not really, but it's for a different type of game and i can see how you could really swing for the fences for either full Redemption, or full Damnation - in a way that i just don't see as possible when you're say, a 13th gen Kindred - there, you're already damned - too powerful to become Human again, but too weak to be a real player (to start with of course!) With Thin Bloods now, you can decide to give it all up, or plunge head first into the real horror!

    Anyway, i actually started this thread because of Alchemy - firstly i love the 3 methods of Brewing - especially using Human Victims as Incubators for your creations! Horrific and evocative!

    One thing i'm not sure on having read the section a few times is whether these Potions are usable by anyone, or just the creator - of course the instant torpor ender is, but i'm not sure about general powers? my assumption is that yes they are, and it's probably somewhere obvious in the text and i've just missed it...

    Anyway, this has given me a great idea for a side quest for set of intrepid Kindred who are currently having to drive through the countryside. Some funky, Meth cooking thin bloods seeking stronger ingredients, gestating brews in people they kidnap on the open road and keep drugged up seems like a nasty surprise to spring on them