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    Originally posted by Muad'Dib View Post
    I think that it is a shame that Christanity - or is it just the majority of Christians ? - takes monotheism so literally and seriously. This religion and faith does have some elements, motifs, and ideas which I think are noteworthy and interesting, but I think that what really harmstrings and devalues Christainity is it's strict monotheism, and how it is so underlined and prevalent.
    I don’t necessarily disagree, but it interesting how orthodox forms of Christianity still cheat a bit with the veneration of saints who help you with this and that, if you say the right prayers, and a few of whom actually were gods originally. In Christian thought it’s not really “worship,” because it’s rationalized within a monotheistic context, but from a pagan perspective that would be a distinction without a difference.

    A lot of orthodox Christian practice preserves these little bits of classical Greco-Roman religion but changes the context. But that context matters, and the different way of thinking about religion makes it hard to understand other perspectives. Similarly, most ancient pagans had a hard time understanding the Christian way of thinking; using the same words doesn’t mean you mean the same things by them.


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      Not to mention that Christianity borrowed the obsession with trinities from Roman paganism. Christian "monotheism" is actually trinityism.


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        Christianity has more inconsistency and hypocrisy than the Sabbat, in both matters of faith as well as practice.
        But so do most religions.