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Tzimisce and Giovanni in V5

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    My guess is that one of the upcoming Modiphius books (my money is on the players guide or the Fall of London Chronicle) will give us at least some Hecata info. My guess is that the Clan of Death will have a Discipline spread combining elements of Giovanni, Cappadocian and Samedi Disciplines (DEFINITELY Oblivion as the Chicago by Night V5 kickstarter revealed) so likely: Oblivion, (Auspex or Dominate) and (Fortitude or Potence), but not Dominate and Fortitutde together as that would be an identical Discipline spread as the Lasombra (there's a great thread on the topic here: ). Clan Bane....seeing how the Tremere's bane changed and the Banu Haqim's changed, there could be either a combination Bane (the inability to look fully healthy under the Blush of Life and sipping to remove 1 Hunger taking 4 turns rather than 3), or a brand new bane to reflect the connection to death, such as requiring a penalty equal to bane severity to all dice pools when you don't spend your day's rest in a place of death - morgue, graveyard, cadaver lab.

    For My money, I think we will likely see the Tzimisce keep their traditional Auspex and Animalism, with Protean as a 3rd discipline rather than a new Vissicitude discipline, with either new shapeshifting powers to reflex fleshcrafting, or perhaps Rituals linked to Protean or Ritae from the Sabat that require Protean to reflect fleshcrafting others. For their Bane, I'd bank on a penalty to all die pools if they didn't spend their day sleep in contact with "home soil" (from their burial or birth place or someother place significant to them from life). I would hope that Koldunic Sorcery would exist in the form of Rituals that are not linked to a discipline, but may be bought like Blood Sorcery Rituals and require rolls of Intelligence+Blood Potency to use (or something else, I love Koldunic Sorcery!).
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