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Voormas and Cappadocius sitting in a tree...

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  • Voormas and Cappadocius sitting in a tree...

    Voormas and Cappadocius sitting in a tree...

    K I S S I N G

    And oh fuck these fuckers are going to kill everyone!

    It strikes me that the goals of Voormas and Cappadocius are similar in many ways. They both sought to become gods. And they both sought to eliminating the boundaries between life and death. Both believed that all creatures would lead perfect, unchanging lives, free of pain and death. Arguably the main difference is that Voormas wanted to avoid his own death, while Cappadocius sought his own death.

    My problem with this is, Cappadocius's goals should predate Voormas status as a grand master. When Cappadocius is first developing these insane plans, he should have been out of the reach of Voormas. Assuming Voormas ever was able to manipulate him.

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    Do you think the Assamites and the Ahl-I-Batin used the same interior designer for their Naziri Ismaili rip-off invisible mountain fortresses?

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      Mostly I was commenting on the similarities of their plans. And others have noticed this also - there is a bit on the White Wolf Wiki reading "Nearly all attempts of reaching Apotheosis based upon Cappadocius' line involved the elimination of the Shroud, hinting at the far-reaching manipulation of an Archmage with a similar goal."


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        It's been awhile since I last read Clanbook: Cappadocian, but From what I remember, Cappadocius' plan to destroy the Shroud was something that he had come to relatively recently in Unlife. It wasn't a goal he had been pursuing since time immemorial but rather was a goal he had finally come up with once he decided that the world was doomed. At that point he came up with this plan to "diablarize" God and bring down the Shroud. It seems reasonable that his conclusions or goals could have been influenced by Voormas in some way. Of course, it's also possible that maybe Voormas was influenced by Cappadocius' earlier teaching and then he later influenced the Antediluvian with his own.

        I think it's hard to say, when dealing with ancient multiple-thousand year old immortals, whom exactly influenced whom first and how. I do believe though that it's likely for there to have been some sort of cross-influence between the two, considering that Cappadocius' entire thing was being an immensely powerful scholar of death. It's reasonable that he would have come across Voormas' writings at some point, or even sought the archmage out for a discussion or two.


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          Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post
          ...reasonable that he would have come across Voormas' writings at some point, or even sought the archmage out for a discussion or two.
          An actual meeting between the two would have been interesting.

          I need to check who wrote Last Supper and the Voormas section of Ascension.