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(V5) Ever ran a one on one session?

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  • (V5) Ever ran a one on one session?

    So due to only one person being able to make a night due to a selection of real life disasters effecting all the rest I offered to run a solo session by adapting a side mission I already had sketched out. I had failed to take into account some issues (I normally take notes when the players are debating things which doesn't happen with one person for example) but more or less it was a success.

    The write-up can be found at the following link...constructive feedback welcome...

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    Thanks for the write up, I look forward to reading it soon. One shots happen from time to time and it is always nice to read someone's experience with one.


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      All the time, though not under the V5 rules. Solo sessions are great. They're also great as a way to do "downtime" plots and developments. It can be hard to get a gaming group together, so if you can get some time with Player 1 here, Players 2 and 3 there.... you can get stuff done between main story chapters.