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  • Colombia?

    What if Colombia may be taken as an inverted example of Chechnya. Namely;

    A part of a larger movement the Second Inquisition has apparently driven Cainite vampires from Colombia, and purged them from Bogota and Medellín.

    This process began in the early 2000s as the government, the FARC, and other outlawed groups, moved through peace negotiations.

    Someone in the NSA leaked the existence of “blankbodies,” or vampires, to the major participants in the Colombian peace negotiations. Conveying this information was against the then orders of the NSA and European security agencies involved in FIRSTLIGHT – who let the cat out of the bag is unknown.

    The FARC and Colombian government assessed the situation and decided they had a mutual enemy in the form of the “lechones de sangre.” These creatures had made life worse in Colombia for centuries. The FARC and the government would have reached a peace settlement in any case. However, a clandestine part of the peace settlements involved hunting monsters.

    Participants began intermittently picking off vampires across 2013, 2014 and 2015. A formal and systematic purge of the cities occurred in August of 2016. This purge achieved its strongest success in the capital.

    Surviving Cainites have fled into Venezuela. They are making everything worse Venezuela but are not creating the crisis.

    Drowned Legacy vampires are moving through the cities of Colombia, mostly the Los Tundo, with some Titlacauan, and Cipactli, appearing for bad measure. The numbers of these vampires is a fraction of the previous Cainite population.

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    That'd be a good section to show the tactics of the second Inquisition as well as details of the Drowned legacies, especially how they can emulate Cainites, but also how they differ as well.
    In fact, I think the book to introduce Drowned legacies properly should do something like this.