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CITY OF ANGELS: Los Angeles by Night (Sneak Preview)

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  • CITY OF ANGELS: Los Angeles by Night (Sneak Preview)


    Those of you who follow such things know that I take my Vampire pretty seriously. I've been putting together a sourcebook for my favourite setting, pulling together all the content I've made over the years, expanding it, adding new things, and reformatting everything into the same format as the Vampire: Degeneration v. 1.5 rulesset I recently made available. It should be done by late February or early March, depending on how much time RL sucks away from the things that are really important, like playing make-believe vampire games. For now, I just wanted to make a sneak preview available for those who are interested. So here's the preview... the complete Clan Brujah from my L.A. setting.


    STANDARD DISCLAIMERS: I don't claim any rights in anything White Wolf created, or in any of the artwork. This is a labor of love, not a commercial project.