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Searching for a Merit that will give a Gargoyle claws

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    Originally posted by AzraelFirestorm View Post
    Got it.

    Page 50 of the Dark Ages: Vampire Storytellers Companion. It's listed as "Talons" on a list (which starts on page 49) of Gargoyle Powers that you can buy to customize the character. Talons, mechanically, are just permanent standalone Protean Claws. They cost two points as a Power, so that might be fair as a Merit cost.
    I don't have the book handy, but if I remember correctly, 2 points means 2 x discipline cost (10 xp) for the powers in that section. Those Gargoyles also don't get "Disiplines" per se, they are all bought from that list. The upside was that each level of physicals cost 1 point, so 10xp per level you bought, not exponential.


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      Yeah... that build is broken. They get celerity too for cheaper and breath fire.


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        Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
        Retractable claws 1pt gangrel merit
        That merit allows Gangrel to simply hide feral claws, it doesn't give them claws innately.


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          Yeah. But it’s a great add on. Otherwise you gotta spend a blood and waste a turn to activate them.