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Making a Thaumaturgy Ritual easier? Teamwork or something?

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    Also, there was a background; Occult Library, in Blood Magic ( that gave bonuses for Occult.
    1. A few books: +1 die to Occult dice pools
    2. A modest collection: +1 die to Occult dice pools, -1 to Occult difficulties
    3. Many noteworthy titles: +2 dice to Occult dice pools, -1 to Occult difficulties
    4. A wide variety of lore: +2 dice to Occult dice pools, -2 to Occult difficulties
    5. A veritable magical encyclopedia: +3 dice to Occult dice pools, -2 to Occult difficulties
    If your ST allows it.
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      focused mind 5 lowers all difficulties by 2.


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        I'd say the easiest Canon way of making this easier would be either, as Illithid mentioned, an Occult Library, or the Research feature of your chantry. It lets you add its rating to your dice pool for creating rituals, and crafting magical objects. Upgrade your chantry, and all will be well.

        On another point, a Talisman should not be easy to make. It is meant to be the physical symbol of your Thaumaturgical mastery. It is your badge of honor and symbol of your accomplishments. The best should, and can, have one.

        Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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          Beyond Focused Mind level 5 (Blood Magic, Rites of the Blood), there are two other modifiers:

          - Draught of Earth's Blood, level 3
          - Consecration of Sanctum, level 4

          Both from Players Guide to Low Clans.

          - Saga


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            If you want something truely left field - Bardo 4 (or having Bardo 1 when someone else has set up the Pillar with level 4) gives you a "-3 to the difficulties of any Discipline or other mystical activity (including blood magic) performed at the Pillar."

            And, their level 2 power lets them mystically dodge disciplines both damaging ones and non-damaging ones, like dominate or presence.