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  • Your Black Metamorphosis

    The Black Metamorphosis (V20 Obt 4) is one of the Lasombra's signature move. My players and I like it very much because each character has a unique form.

    Have you ever used this power in game? Do you have art that you like to use for the BM? If you have lasombra PCs/NPCs, do they have a specific Metamorphosis?

    In our game, we have several Lasombra PCs and NPCs, so that's a big subject for our group. Here are some of the Metamorphosis we defined:
    • Prince Gian Galeazzo Visconti of Milan: "Aren't the Abysses the most beautiful thing?"
      Aka The Most Digusting Metamorphosis Ever. Something like that but with black ooze all over, open sores pulsing, and tentacles coming out of random places. Of course it's asymetrical and it stinks. The main inspiration is Visconti's Nosferatu wife, because if there's two clan that can't stand to look at themselves in a mirror, that's his and hers. Visconti may be one of the hottest Princes of Europe, he's definitly convinced every single Lasombra is full of ugliness inside and that Obtenebration is some sick, montruous stuff. He also believes being a monster can be pretty cool; just be the monster you want to be, not the one the Beast wants you to be. Back when he was still Sabbat, he would invite mortals to private parties, using his human beauty to attract them (and his wife's Mask of a Thousand Faces), only to transform into an hideous monster of the Abyss (and her into her ugly Nosferatu form) to devour them, laughing all the while and mocking them for following the lure of beauty.
      Bonus effect: People witnessing his form for the first time are usually terrorised as if facing negative epic appearance from Scion. He is just *that* disgusting.
    • Archibishop Traiano de Corte-Real of Navarre: All the beauty and the dread of Nyx
      Aka "I'm the Presence Lasombra and a Pagan". Despite being born in Spain at the end of the XVth century, Traiano de Corte-Real was never a Christian. His family valued in secret the old greco-roman religion and to these nights, Traiano still believe the goddess Fortuna watches over him. He believes Obtenebration has some sick links with Infernalism and firmly believes he will one day punches in the face the demon that got his reflection when he was Embraced, but also that darknesses aren't necessarily evil, especially those he associate with the old night goddesses of the ancients. His Metamorphosis takes a lot from old legends, giving him the form of a roman general with a masked face, a cloak of darkness and the snakes of Medusa (an old talisman that was often portrayed on roman cuirasses) as the arms of darkness surrounding him. He will often activate Majesty as well and created a combined discipline that allow him to use the Metamorphosis sorely for the Awe factor, so that any who gazes at his face may witness the depths of the primodial nights.
      Bonus effect: Because he often pairs his metamorphosis with Majesty, people with low willpower or occult ratings usually mistake him for some old pagan gold of the night and find him frightening, but very beautiful to behold.
    • Archon Cesare Sforza, Childe of Visconti: "Woe on me and the darknesses of my heart"
      Aka I'm A Romantic And I'm Not Afraid To Show That. Cesare was Embraced in 1850 and sees himself as some tortured anti-hero that was doomed by a sadistic monster. His black form is that of a fallen knight corrupted by the abysses, a dark executionner with an air of sad despair and grim determination. While the form is beautiful, it is supposed to convey the idea of corruption and decay as well.
      Bonus effect: He pairs the metamorphosis with Abyss Mysticism to create shadow blades. The use of the two makes him very effective in combat.

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    In the last Masquerade game I played in, my Magister was a hacker who had a big affinity for spiders. Weaving invisible webs of information. Her Black Metamorphosis came in the form of the shadows covering her body with the tentacles looking more like spider legs, giving her a black widow vibe. Particularly fun to use that one time I decided to make a point to the Cleopatran I was sick of staring murderous daggers at my character every time she walked into the same room.

    I'm particularly liking Traiano's BM.


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      With a bit of imagination I like how the game Vampyr used powers and imagined it as obtenebration. Also I liked the new Venom movie of how tentacles popped out of him and attacked on their own.
      Before those I imagined it per the Darkness comic/game.


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        TheArchitect A spidery black metamorphosis is really a cool idea

        Glad you like Traiano!


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          Is the highly personalized appearance of Black Metamorphosis noted anywhere as only being a capability of Lasombra Vampires ? Can Vampires other than the Lasombra also have it ?


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            I don't think so, it's an Obtenebration thing so unless you rule out that only Lasombra can have this discipline, any character may do it.

            A fourth Lasombra on our campaign as a form that is shifting all the time and formless. Unsurprisingly, he was never allowed to really grow into his own guy by his powerful, sadistic sire. Now that she is gone he may actually start to define his own Metamorphosis to suit his own tastes!