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Claw attacks V5

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  • Claw attacks V5

    Claws (Protean) attacks with Dext+Brawl dice pools or Str+Brawl dice pools?

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    Protean 2 (Feral Weapons) allows the user to grow claws (or, in some individuals, some other natural attack, like serpent teeth) which add +2 modifier to Brawl damage, and does Agg to mortals. (V5, p270)

    The actual pool called for depends on the situation and ST judgment.

    In the most common scenario ("I swing my claws at him. I hope to injure him."), I would say Dexterity+Brawl.

    It could be Strength+Brawl if trying to jam your claws into an object without large movements. (eg: "I need the key they fed to the now-dead elephant. I plunge my claws into his guts and rummage around for it.")

    I might even call for a Stamina or Resolve roll if the damage being done is slow, grueling, and methodical. ("I need out of this cell. I scratch through the two feet of concrete with my claws. How may hours will it take, and how many successes are needed cumulatively?")

    I'm pressed to think of other combos. I guess... maybe... Wits for destroying an incoming projectile before it hits?