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  • Former ghoul

    I am remembering a merit: "Former Ghoul".
    Does somebody know in which book it is mentioned and how many points it costs?

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    1pt. It’s in multiple books. Started in guide to the Camarilla.
    There is also proxy kissed in clan Giovanni book. 4pt and 8pt version. FYI.


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      What does it in general?
      I also should buy a point in Potence I guess?


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        Former Ghoul can be found in V20 as well.
        Its a 1 pt merit that allows -1 difficulty on all social rolls around other neonates and a -1 difficulty on all rolls related to vampiric knowledge to show your experience in the vampiric world that the other neonates might not have had.


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          Yeah. Need to buy potence separately.
          Gives you -1 social bonus vs neonates. It’s kinda dumb. Considering every elder would get this bonus.


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            Proxy Kissed better represent previous Ghouldom, it includes the dot of Potence as well and takes into account your Blood Bond to your previous liege though it assumes somethings that are unique to the Giovanni.

            Basically I would use Proxy Kissed mostly as it is at the first level (4pt) with the Bonds directed at the former liege and the current sire and if they are the same then all the stronger. Go to 8pt level only if the background story for the character is about longer service and in that case the Bond should be fully realized.


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              I feel this resolves the question also of whether you retain bonds upon being embraced.

              On a munchkin level too that is super cost effective . 8 points for 2 disciplines and the bound flaw. Which bought normally would be 12 points net total.