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[DAV20] Obtenebration question

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  • [DAV20] Obtenebration question

    Hello and happy new year !
    If a Lasombra use Nocturne, can he use arm of arhiman inside of it ?

    I'm asking because it's said that nocturne is on as long as the vampire don't break concentration and i'm wondering if using another discipline can break it.
    Any help is welcome

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    Using another Discipline can definately count as breaking consentration and thus end the Nocturne. Whether Arms of Ahriman breaks the concentration is kind of an edge case though. The latter specifically calls out that controlling the Arms requires moderate amount of concentration but summoning them does not, or atleast the text does not specify it would. Thus activating Arms of Ahriman should not break concentration but controlling them might. Question is then are they able to do anything but flail menacingly without casters control? Some STs might rule that they randomly attack closest things to them, enemies, allies, objects and the caster all count and some migh rule that they cannot act at all without the casters direction and thus only flail about.

    So this is again a matter where YMMV greatly between different STs as there is no definative answers.


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      Only if you’re trying to move the cloud of darkness does it require concentration.


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        Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
        Only if you’re trying to move the cloud of darkness does it require concentration.
        Actually in VtDA20 Nocturne specifically requires concentration to maintain.

        Originally posted by ”VtDA20 p.228”
        The character who summon it must actively maintain it; the cloud dissipates as soon as the character’s concentration is broken.


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          Oh that stinks. The modern version is better then.


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            Thank you guy !

            Any other input ?
            Am i the first ST to encounter this situation ?