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  • Bring life back to Necromancy

    So I lost a bunch of work on my Giovanni so I have to start from scratch. Rereading all my material on it, I'm just not happy with this. The merits in the clanbook are hardly merits, and some of the flaws are vice versa. The paths are imbalanced and convoluted sometimes.

    Has V5 fixed Necromancy? If not has anyone homebrewed something good?

    What flaws and merits can I give to my NPCs to make them unique and get a positive reaction from my players?

    Some background for the characters:

    One mafia boss and grandmaster necromancer. Known and pardoned diablerist who ate the previous anarch overlord.
    His son who is a consigliere and also a grandmaster. More apt for sciences and current medicine who controls the children hospitals and blood banks in town.
    Granddaughter twins who are afflicted so that they appear super old even though they were embraced much younger. They have more affinity for magic and stay at the mansion to keep the spirits and undead in check. One is a whip and the other is a harpy.
    The great granddaughter who is the youngest. She runs the county coroner's office. Perfect synergy for cleaning masquerade breaches and finding 'new recruits'.
    All were given spirit mentor to represent the mafia boss's wife and their birth mother/grandmother.

    Death sight, eerie presence, beacon of the unholy, and touch of frost seem to be the only merits that i have available for these. But they're all bland and i dont see them working. So I need to rebuild these NPCs from the ground up.

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    I think that we'll need to wait for the Hecata to be officially released to get the Necromancy side of Oblivion, things are way too different between previous editions and V5

    * To build them currently and make them stand out, I'd look at the touchstones for them; you can tie death and Mafia style stuff to the living Giovanni familia, giving the clan mechanical reasons to protect the family..
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      Pretty much joking, but this patch might hold you until publication of V5 Necromancy. At the very least, it should allow you to run NPCs.


      This discipline costs the same as other disciplines. Giovanni have it in-clan. For each level in Necro2, you gain access to an additional other discipline you possess which can now be used on Wraiths. You choose a number of powers in a number of disciplines equal to your Necro2 rating. The level of the other discipline's power is irrelevant.

      Every use of a Necro2 power requires a rouse check, even if normally doesn't. If it normally does, it requires two checks.

      In addition to other uses, at level one Necro2 allows the user to see Wraiths for a scene with a Rouse check.

      Example: Gaetano Giovanni, a vampire fashion model from Milan, purchases Necro2 at level 1. He now can sense Wraiths with all mundane senses with a Rouse check. He chooses to apply Necro2 to his Presence 4 (Awe, Daunt, Dread Gaze, and Summon). He chooses Summon, and can now use this to call Wraiths.

      Realizing it is a bad idea to summon without controlling, Gaetano learns Necro2 at level 2. He chooses to apply it to his Dominate 3 (Cloud Memory, Mesmerize, and Submerged Directive). He adds Awe to his Summons, allowing him to coax Wraiths. He chooses Mesmerize and Submerged Directive as the Dominate powers he can use on Wraiths.

      Having met a Spectre, Guy decides maybe he needs to add a stick to his carrot. He learns Necro2 at level 3. He now has Awe, Dread Gaze, and Summons as his Presence effects. He has Cloud Memory, Mesmerize, and Submerged Directive as his Dominate effects. Guy has Potence 1 (Lethal Body), and now can punch wraiths really hard. Unfortunately, he only has Potence 1, so the last two Potence effects go unfilled.

      Turns out punching Spectres doesn't turn out well, and he tries to find somebody to teach him Obfuscate. He'd really like to learn Blood Sorcery 1, for Corrosive Vitae, but how likely is that?


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        So at level 1 you have one power from one discipline, at 2 you have two each from two disciplines, etc etc.

        I like it.


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          I haven't worked through how it works with every discipline power. But, then it is just a patch until the the canon version is published.


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            Ok, so I took a long look at all the Necromancy and have been asking around a bit. This is what I've come up with so far. I tried to recreate the Discipline so that all overlap is removed and everything is put into Paths that take on aspects of death that make logical sense and have appropriate progression.

            Everything here I'm happy with few exceptions: (Oblivion 1 & 3 I dont know what to put) (Death and Dying 1, 2, 3 Not sure if this is ok or should i combine these and figure out other powers to fill the gaps) (Zombie 5 I didnt have anything so I made a custom one that tries to make a zombie apocalypse scenario but one critique said already thats not as good as i think it is and recommended I make the zombies more powerful somehow)
            Wraith Related
            Touch of Death:[21] Sense the recent presence of wraiths
            •• Purge the Apostate’s Soul:[30] Deal aggravated damage to a wraith, producing a puddle of plasm
            ••• Soul Feast: (V20) Consume the energy of a Wraith as a substitute for blood
            •••• Summon Soul:[2] summons a wraith.
            ••••• Compel Soul:[3] force a wraith to do your bidding.
            Shroud Related
            See the Shadowlands
            •• Tread Upon The Grave:[23] Sense the strength of the local Shroud
            ••• Ex Nihilo:[14] allows you to enter the Shadowlands
            •••• Alter the Shadowlands
            ••••• Shroud Mastery:[15] allows you to strengthen or weaken the shroud rating in an area.
            •• Aura of Decay: (V20) Infect an object with the taint of Oblivion
            ••• ???
            •••• Black Breath
            ••••• Nightcry: (V20) Summon creatures from the Shadowlands
            Death and Dying
            Insight:[1] see the last moment's of a corpses life.
            •• Hour of Death: (Rev) Grants the necromancer Deathsight of his own which can be used to determine nearness of death or diagnose illness
            ••• Death Knell:[24] The necromancer can sense deaths that occur near him
            •••• Soul Stealing:[9] remove one soul from its body.
            ••••• Daemonic Possession:[10] place a soul in a fresh corpse.
            Finding the Locus:[26] Determine if an object is a Fetter
            •• (Custom) Locate known fetter = Perception + Occult (difficulty equal to table over time elapsed)
            ••• Corporeal Home: (VTDA) Traps a wraith inside a container
            •••• Haunting:[4] binds a wraith to a location or object.
            ••••• Ephemeral Binding:[25] Create artificial fetters
            Zombie Related
            Reaper's Shroud:[51] Causes an individual to resemble a walking corpse, temporarily
            •• Apprentice's Brooms:[7] allowing the dead to rise and perform simple functions like lifting a heavy box.
            ••• Shambling Hordes:[8] allows the dead to rise and perform attacks.
            •••• True Death:[54] Become a true corpse, unaffected by the banes of vampirism
            ••••• (Custom) Zombie Army: Infuse one zombie with up to 10 blood points. People they kill rise as zombies. 1 per BP.


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              For those interested I did compiled the Oblivion Disciplines and also brought from V4 plenty of Necromantic Rituals. I also added some Oblivion powers to contemplate the more Hecata part of the Discipline. Tell me what you people think:


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