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    Originally posted by Ruthven View Post
    Red Eye, do you remember your Sabbat pack's name? My pack was the Jacobins.

    Bah, I wish I did honestly! At that time there were only two Sabbat packs being run (the rebooted Sabbat game in the Martha Washington School for Girls room that replaced Club DarQness), and I know both the packs at that time were also pretty small (the basic conceit of the reboot game was the Cam wiped the Sabbat presence across the river, and we were the two packs sent back in to destabilize and eventually reclaim the region).

    While I don't recall the pack name, I do recall that my pack at the time had basically the bulk of the behind the scenes folks on it. Our Ductus was a Lasombra being played by a chap named Jordy I want to say, and he was the Head Storyteller for the Sabbat game at that time. We also had the Sabbat Moderator in our pack, I think his real name was Chip, and I can't recall if he played my sire (the Native American Tzimisce Priest) or if he was our scout (a Gangrel Antitribu city variant who rocked this feral homeless kind of vibe and seemed to stalk rooftops a lot).

    Since it was a very covert style of game, and my character wasn't high on the totem pole being just a torturer, I didn't end up interacting with the other pack at that time all too often save for a couple of the larger Rituals we gathered for.

    At least, I think that is all accurate, been a long time now and my memory can be shaky on details.

    Originally posted by pisceskitty317 View Post

    I played Angel Collins, the Toreador Harpy. Ruthven, I also still play your childe Collette Pierce.
    Ha! I actually remember that name, though I don't think I got to do too much interacting with the character. Still remember seeing you around the Fallen Angels Club a few times though while I was up to my Malkavian and Nosferatu shenanigans.

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