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crazy ideas about Baali, Beckoning,Lambach and so on

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    Originally posted by Nagaina View Post
    Now, that's not a crazy theory at all.


    The person who wrote all that quoted text in the first place.

    Then my sincerest compliments to you! I have always been a fan of your work, and I think Road of Sin was beautiful indeed. I must say that Beckett Diary's is one of the finest book the line ever had, you and the rest of the team made such a great work.

    Could you give us some more hints? Some clues?


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      Originally posted by Illithid View Post
      I thought that the whole purpose of salting the earth was to stop them rising, even if they get out of Torpor!

      The salting of the earth (which happened in real life) was also followed up by a mystical seal put in play by Cybele, who had been a loyal henchcreature to Nergal before he faked his own death and fled to the Americas.