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Bloodlines 2 Announced.

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    It is not Beckett, is it?


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      I am officially pumped and pre-ordered as soon as it was humanly possible!


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        Originally posted by tasti man LH View Post

        Meanwhile, we've still seen nothing substantial of the Werewolf game aside from the word of its tandem with us knowing nothing new about Werewolf 5.
        ....except the season one content SEEMS to take inspiration from Under a Blood Red Moon and you know is called Season of the Wolf. So we're probably going to get some indepth on werewolves and not just "Hey they kill vampires"


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          Originally posted by trueann View Post
          Damn he's handsome!


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            had to preorder it immediately.

            This is me, just forgot my PW and changed my email


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              Originally posted by Red Eye View Post

              I got the very distinct impression in the interviews that we'll be picking up a Clan over the games plotline, which leads me to believe we'll engage in at least one very particular story at some point in the game (possibly a little bit about what the trailer was hinting at with the hunting down another Kindred). The website seems to imply 5 Clans (and a bonus Clan, whatever that means, for a total of 6).

              There were honestly a number of hinted implications over the course of the interviews, despite them being pretty tight lipped still.
              More clans are going to get added as FLC later.

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                Sounds great but i wish they kept discliplines instead of using ability trees with different names and only 5 clans is a bit disappointing.


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                  I don't want to be a thin blood.
                  I want to be a properly Embraced Ventrue for once!
                  I want my Agoge and I want to recite my lineage up to a 4th Generation Methuselah ancestor.


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                    Also, I don't like this emphasis of "Powers" over Disciplines". Why can't we have Protean and then buy dots until we can use Mist Form?
                    This game system seems "vampiric" yes, but not specifically Masquerade, do you understand?


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                      So, the game is set in Seattle?

                      Well, clearly it is going to involve fights over coffee dominion - over who controls the WoD analog of Starbucks. And Magicians of the Bay (the WotC analog) will be very important to vampires as well. I fully expect a Ventrue to start cackling when he gets to make more changes to Forgotten Realms, while drinking from someone drinking some Starbuck's coffee.

                      The game might also depict rain in Seattle. Maybe.

                      And possibly some other bits of business like clans, generations, thin bloods, and the like.


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                        Honestly, I don't mind blood resonance in it. I'm not that stoked about how the hunger system will work, with the compulsions on top, but we'll see. Disciplines, I'm iffy aboutbeing replaced.

                        V5 plot, I imagine it'll have as much of it as Bloodlines had the old VtM plot, so "based on" at best.

                        However, one thing that will make, or break the game for me, is the aesthetics and mood (and music, of course). VtMB gave off the mood I associated with VtM over the years, right from the moment you took the first step into Asylum and "Isolation" started playing. It had the gothic-punk vibe all along. If this will follow in those footsteps and will have a similar feel to it, albeit with a more modern (but still gothic-punk) background, I'm good. If not, and it's going for V5's style and mood (whatever it is), I'll drop it.

                        The concept arts are nice, though.

                        PS: I can't convey how sad I am that this didn't get me stoked and hyped beyond all reason. I never thought the best an announcement of VtMB 2 could bring out from me will be "eh, wait and see, it has some chance to be good".
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                          Who owns Seattle in the game? Camarilla, Anarchs, Sabbat? It's close to Vancouver, I'd sacrifice to Belial for a cameo of Siegfried.


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                            Originally posted by PMárk View Post
                            Honestly, I don't mind blood resonance in it. I'm not that stoked about how the hunger system will work, with the compulsions on top, but we'll see.
                            Where are people seeing this info about Blood Resonance and the five clans?


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                              I'll buy it when it releases. I'm excited but I'm not dropping money on skins.

                              Ortam + Malkavia makes a Requiem fun.
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                                Imma super excited!!!!!!

                                Mass Embrace is an easy way to get away with the Sire stuff, much like in the first bloodlines. Too bad, but also different Sire plots for different clans would have been an hassle and so it's an understandable choice.

                                And the Thin Blood thing is probably a way to get the average player through a long tutorial and then giving the choice of a clan not much later into the game. Like, one or two hours into it.
                                Terrible for veteran players, but probably a good choice in favor of the newcomers.

                                As for 5 clans only...
                                I'm not completely against DLCs, as long as they add replayability and value to the experience and also if their price is fair.
                                I can see the Nosferatu and Malkavian as very good expansions to the base game because they can alter the experience considerably.
                                Yet they are two of the most popular clans so I don't know how good it would be to not sell them at day one.

                                But really it would be nice if all Clan Banes could alter the experience more. In the original bloodlines malkavian and nosferatu felt different, the others not so much...

                                And fingers crossed for all 13 clans eventually, especially the Ravnos and Giovanni (let me dream!)

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