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Modified Banu Haqim Symbol

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  • Modified Banu Haqim Symbol

    In a Discord discussion, Shawarbaaz mentioned that the Arabic writing in the Banu Haqim clan symbol was wrong: even in square script, the letters should be joined together, not isolated. So I tried to make a new version, using proper Kufic square script.

    I'm far from an expert calligrapher, and it shows—a better calligrapher than me would have made it properly square and found a way to connect the lam to the bet—but I hope others find this useful! Feel free to use it for whatever purpose (credit is appreciated but not required).

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    Good job Drac.


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      So I'm apparently a perfectionist and never satisfied :P I made a lot of mistakes in designing the symbol above, and they were annoying me, so I went back and did it over again. Properly, this time.

      If I did everything properly, this should say "Banu Haqim" (or rather Abna' Ħekeem) in Kufic square script, four times over. The fun thing about this script is that it was never meant to be particularly legible!

      Click the images for larger versions; consider these licensed under Creative Commons Attribution—do whatever you want with them, just give me credit where appropriate. Translation by Shawarbaaz again because my actual Arabic knowledge is lacking.


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        And some versions incorporating the red star background from the Cam book; I ripped the star from the PDF and own no rights to that part.