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Question about Thaumaturgy Ritual (Dark Age V20) Flaming Weapon

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  • Question about Thaumaturgy Ritual (Dark Age V20) Flaming Weapon

    It is the writting I am not sure, maybe because english is my second language, anyways, I just wanted to confirm with other people on this forum, if any of you wouldn't mind confirming please.

    The last sentence of the Thaumaturgy Ritual - Level 2: Flaming Weapon

    Vampire: Dark Ages V20

    Page 304

    ... Only one casting of Flaming Weapon can be active on any given weapon; the charges on the weapon must be depleted before the ritual can be cast on the weapon again.

    Question: Does that mean that the Tremere casting this power can only active this power once, until the charge have depleted ?

    What I mean is; Can he for example, cast this power multiple time, each time puting a single charge on a different weapon ? (His goal is for all member of the coterie to have a charge weapon before going into combat).

    Thank you in advance

    Enjoy the rest of your day or night

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    English not my native language too, but as i understand you can cast only on one weapon at a time, and only after all charges depleted you can cast it on weapon again
    If i recall corectly there are level 5 ritual that allow you cast it on multiple swords, and its lasts forever


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      LastCourier Thank you, this is what I understood too, but I wanted a second opinion.


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        There's nothing there that stops you casting it on multiple weapons, it only says you can only cast it once on a given weapon, not layer it multiple times. Can give the whole coterie flaming swords if you want...


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          I Agree with GenerallyConfused, the wording is that a particular weapon have it cast on it again until the charges are depleted, not that you can't cast it again at all until the charges are depleted on that first weapon.


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            You can cast it on multiple weapons. What that passage means is you can't add charges to the same weapon by casting it again.