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Published story/stories for V5?

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  • Published story/stories for V5?

    I’m looking for published stories to use for a V5 game. Haven’t found anything via web searching, or at Storyteller’s Vault / DriveThruRPG. Anyone know of anything like this?

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    What do you mean by "published stories" ? Do you mean books like, "Lord of the Rings"? Maybe the Clan Novels?

    Or do you mean modules (like Transylvania Chronicles)?

    Is it just to be used in a V5 game (i.e., it needs to be in theme), or are you looking for actual V5-branded material?


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      Sorry, should have been more specific. I’m looking for prepared adventures/stories/scenarios that I can buy, to add to my chronicle when I haven’t got time to come up with a new story of my own. Modules, essentially. I’m looking for specifically V5 material - in terms of both rules and setting.


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        Currently, the only thing we have is the Alpha slice called Rusted Viens. You should be able to find it online. past that we are waiting for several books that are coming this summer or early fall. Chicago By Night will have a module in it called the Sacrifice. Cult of the Blood Gods should have some plot hooks for you and your players to explore and with the rest of Oblivion being printed in that you should be able to do an easy conversion to play the Giovanni Chronicles if you wish to run through that. The Fall of London will be a campaign if I am understanding it correctly. Other than that they have not released the guidelines for people to start making fan-created stuff in the storytellers vault as of yet.


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          Thanks. I’ve been trying to modify The Sacrifice to fit the game I started (I’m a Chicago by Night backer), but it’s a heavy lift because of our established setting, which really doesn’t fit well with Chicago. I ought to have just waited a bit longer to start the chronicle, and set the whole thing in Chicago... anyway, I’ll have to keep going with original stories at least until the fall, or next year, or whenever Cult of the Blood Gods has its Kickstarter. I appreciate the advice!


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            The Quickstart for V5 have a story also. It's called "Monster(s)" and quite good for starting.


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              Originally posted by Dreamwalker View Post
              The Quickstart for V5 have a story also. It's called “Monster(s)”; and quite good for starting.
              Yes, it’s a good story. It was my first choice, but it doesn’t fit with the characters my players made. Thank you!