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[DAV20] Help with changing appearance of my character

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  • [DAV20] Help with changing appearance of my character

    During our game in set in ancient Rome, i am playing a Salubri Watcher from China. There was a session where my character went into torpor. He was being looked after by a rather insane Tzimisce during this time who "experimented with him." The problem was that he woke up looking different. You see, he had been hiding his appearance using obfuscate level 3 to appear like a Roman rather than Chinese. And the the Tzimisce did not know so put him back together with vicissitude looking like the roman he was pretending to be rather than his natural looks.
    Using the large amount of XP i gained from a recent time skip I thought i could reverse it. What can i do to make myself look Chinese again? Would an obfuscate combo discipline work? Or a different discipline? Learning vicissitude myself is not really an option at this point.
    Ideally i would love it if this character could change his appearance at will if possible?

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    So there are a few possibilities depending on some of the factors of the situation.
    • Was the Tzimisce of a lower Generation than the Watcher? If not then the Watcher can heal the changes like an aggravated wound, meaning a full day's rest and spending 5 blood points (which may be spent over a course of days). See DAV20 pg 267.
    • Seek out a Tzimisce to do new work and try to undo what was done previously. It is described as being difficult to undo such changes exactly but if your goal is to appear close to how you looked it should be doable. See DAV20 pg 267.
    • Learn Vicissitude and Body Crafts yourself and start reshaping your looks to your desire.
    • There's a Combination Discipline in Dark Ages Player's Guide to the High Clans called See the True Shape (Auspex 2 Vicissitude 2). It reveals to the viewer if a target has been altered supernaturally (including Protean, Vicissitude and with more successes magic and even natural shapeshifting like a werewolf).
      • A Tzimisce with this could look for where the work was done and seek to undo it, possibly making it easier than normal to return your character to your "true" shape.
      • It could also be used as inspiration for a new Combination Discipline involving Auspex and Vicissitude, essentially using the character's memories to recall their original appearance (maybe involving Auspex 3 to essentially Spirit's Touch the user's previous form).
    • Obfuscate 3 - Do the inverse of what you were before, using Obfuscate to appear as someone Chinese as opposed to the Roman looks you now have.


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      1 more option in addition to all the above suggestions: Diablerie until you're low enough generation to heal the wounds, if you're not already.