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Dark Thaumaturgy: Path of Pleasure.

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  • Dark Thaumaturgy: Path of Pleasure.

    Hey, I was seeing this awesome path on Sin of the blood book, however it's an old book that was released back at 2001.
    Now the way the power works is quite vague and I was wondering how it's supposed to work.
    It says the victim could resist with a wits + self-control roll, now question is if the victim roll it each turn or has only one opportunity to resist and if he fails he is immobilized until the thaumaturge stops the effect.

    sin of the blood page 88

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    It is admittedly vague but personally I would call for the resistance roll every time the victim wants to act instead of just enjoying him/herself but remember that once the resistance succeeds if the victims action is something that does not break physical contact with the Infernalist the effects return full force, in the case of Ecstasy or if s/he does not succeed in breaking line of sight in case of Intrusion.

    That is my interpretation atleast, naturally YMMV.