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Started a new VtM game, players are the Scourge

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  • Started a new VtM game, players are the Scourge

    Characters are around 125 years olde and have traits to reflect both their age and their power as Scourge of a metropolitan area.

    I have some ideas that I'm going to do in the game along with a metaplot that has a recurring theme that is the premise of the game.

    Looking for more ideas. They could be anything gross or subtle. A coven of witches, a troupe of fae, weird Sabbat come to towne, a pack of lupines, an appropriate aged vampire foe, an over ambitious new vampire that doesn't [channeling cartman] respect my authority.

    Please post your ideas and see what sticks.

    I genuinely appreciate it!

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    Thin blood cult

    You've been playing around the magic that is black
    But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back


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      Mortal hunters.
      Led by an ex-ghoul, presumed dead by its former master, this troupe of hunters have a lot of insider info on Vampire Society, powers and tactics. They hunker up at night, hunt during the day, and set devious traps to lure unwitting vampires into their grasp.

      Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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        Some raw ideas:

        1. Malkavian wight with more powerful version of Infectious flaw(from Lore of Clans)
        2. Lasombra Mystic whose rituals gone wrong and some nasty creatures come from Abyss(there are many creatures and rituals in V20ĎÀ Tome of secrets)
        3.Half sane results of Iteration X experiments on vampires, that somehow escaped(chance to use those World of future darkness rules)
        4. Salubri who believes that he/she/they sort of Vengeance Angel, who became prominent figure in poor part of city and people come to him, praying for justice(or it could be a Gargoyle, that listen peoples prayers and talks as a statue, and then goes on, as a vengeance demon
        5. Coterie of Kiyasids, that stole memories of people, ghouls and kindred that seemingly have no conection between them