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  • Help with New discipline

    In Our V20 Dark ages game, my GM decided to give my character a new discipline, but i need some help with defining what it does. This discipline is called Illimination and was created by a crazed tzmiche, wearing a mask of insanity created by the fae, experimenting on my character with both warding signs and bioluminescence. Basically I can glow and get protected by this discipline.
    It has been decided what the level 1 ability does already:
    • Elder Light The illuminary can cast a glow of any colour from their skin, this acts as both protection and the ability to see. The further in this path the user travels, the more oddities can be noticed in their glow, a practitioner at 5 dots has a light that is more a concept than colour, specifically "The light of dawn, reflected off of the walls of a castle".
    The strength of the light a practitioner can reach increases as the practitioner grows in this path, at one dot it is a simple glow extending no further than a candle, at five dots it becomes a bonfire. This light acts as an aura of protection, and any touched by the light who are hostile to the practitioner lose a die from their dice pools.
    All I need now is some ideas for levels 2+. Any ideas would greatly appreciated.
    I had previoisly thought of giving the discipline a eastern bent seeing as I am playing an eastern character but am struggling with ideas for this.
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    I think it's pretty clear that the level 5 power is immunity to sun damage. Instead of burning, you sparkle.


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      Level 2 you can aply you luminescence to other people and objects
      Level 3 you light is so bright that it blinds people substructing dice per success, with 5 and more you make mortal forever blind
      Level 4 inflict lethal damage per succes with you light
      Level 5 transform object or people into pure light on touch(agg damage on touch per success)